WWE Raw Results (1/4) – The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) Defeated The Miz and John Morrison by Pinfall

Woods hit Morrison with a shining laser for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Morrison and Woods started it off, and Woods attempted a quick roll up for a pin attempt, and he then hit a chop before tagging Kingston in.

They hit a double team leg sweep and face plant on Morrison before Kingston went for a pin attempt.

Kingston hit a snapmare and Woods tagged in. They hit a train of running kicks off the ropes on Morrison, a clothesline by Woods, a splash by Kingston, and a five knuckle shuffle by Woods for a near pinfall.

Morrison hit a forearm and knee to tag in the Miz, who stomped on Woods a couple of times, then hit a knee lift.

Woods ducked a clothesline and roiled up Miz, but Miz kicked out. Woods then hit s splash in the corner and Kingston tagged in and hit a leaping right.

Woods then hit a rolling clothesline on Miz for a pin attempt by Kingston.

Kingston took Miz over with a side headlock, but Miz made it to the ropes and hit an elbow as they broke, then a shoulder block off the ropes.

Miz caught Kingston off the ropes and tried to hit a Skull Crushing Finale, but Kingston slipped free, but Miz blocked a Trouble in Paradise.

Kingston then hit a crossbody off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Woods went for a cover, then locked Miz in a headlock, but Miz reversed it but with hit by a dropkick off the ropes.

Morrison blind tagged in, and he nailed Woods from behind but missed a standing shooting star. Woods held Morrison for a dropkick and a near pinfall by Kingston.

Kingston hit Morrison with a dropkick and a flip out of the corner, and Woods hit Miz with a clothesline.

Kingston then dove over the top rope to take out Miz and Morrison on the floor and the New Day celebrated as we headed to commercial.

Miz and Morrison continue falling short

Back from commercial, Kingston hit a series of strikes on Morrison, but the Miz distracted Kingston long enough for Morrison to hit a kick and tag Miz in.

Miz then raked Kingston’s eyes on the ropes and Morrison hit s kick when the referee was tied up by the Miz.

Miz and Morrison hit a double gut buster and Morrison went for the cover but Kingston kicked out.

Kingston fought out of a head lock, but Morrison forced him into their corner and Miz hit a running knee on Kingston for a near pinfall.

Miz locked in a stretch hold on Kingston’s arms, but Kingston managed to power out of it and reverse the hold.

The Miz hit with a knee to keep Kingston from tagging out, and Kingston kicked him off when he tried to lock in a figure 4.

Kingston then hit an SOS and Woods and Morrison tagged in.

Woods hit a couple of elbows and a knee on Morrison, and he then threw the Miz to the floor.

Morrison hit with a forearm to stop Woods, but Woods hit a spinning forearm that put Morrison on the ropes.

Woods then slid over Morrison to the floor, but the Miz dodged his kick attempt, and Woods ducked Miz’s clothesline.

Kingston hit Miz with a clothesline off the steps while Woods headed into the ring.

Morrison reversed a tornado DDT into a rollup pin with his feet on the ropes, and Kingston shoved his feet off to break the cover.

Woods then hit Morrison with a dropkick from behind and a shining laser for the win.

Orton’s been changed

After the match, WWE Raw Results were shown what happened last week on Alexa’s Playground, and then cut to Randy Orton cutting a promo.

Orton was asked what he was thinking when he held the match, and he said the voices told him to drop the match and watch her burn.

He said he couldn’t do it, and he said he knows why. He said because he changed since facing the Fiend, and he showed Alexa Bliss compassion and mercy and he hates himself for it.

He added that his new hatred means he now has no boundaries and can do anything he can imagine and asked Charly what if he turns that hatred on someone else.

When asked if the Fiend was coming back, he said he doesn’t want to talk about the Fiend. Instead, he wasn’t to take a walk and remind the Legends why he’s the Legend Killer.

This is an interesting twist WWE Raw Results didn’t see coming. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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