WWE Raw Results (1/4) – WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre (c) Defeated Keith Lee by Pinfall; Goldberg Challenges Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble

McIntyre hit a Claymore off the ropes for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as McIntyre came out with his usual pyro entrance, while Keith Lee had the Legends on both sides of the stage as he headed to the ring.

They’re selling Keith Lee too hard for him to actually win. Not having the Legends there when McIntyre came out was the final nail in this.

Of course, it could’ve been a simple editing error when putting the recordings together. WWE Raw Results doubt they could’ve gotten everyone set up with chairs in a few minutes.

They started up with a standard lockup as they matched power and countered each other until they were in the ropes and had to break.

Their second lock up was won by lee as he shoved McIntyre into a corner to force the break.

McIntyre when for a rear waist lock, and then a neck hold but Lee flipped him off easily. The two then met with mutual shoulder blocks and neither went anywhere.

After a back and forth on the ropes with Lee leapfrogging and dropping, Lee finally knocked McIntyre down with a shoulder block.

McIntyre shoved Lee, then Lee shoved him back and McIntyre hit a series of chops and blows before backing Lee into a corner where he hammered him down.

Lee reversed a whip into the ropes and then knocked McIntyre out of the ring with a right forearm.

Back in the ring, McIntyre locked in an arm bar and hammered Lee down and hit a stomp. He then hit Lee with a chop and Lee reversed another whip into the ropes.

McIntyre held onto the ropes, so Lee clotheslined him over the top rope and then followed him to the floor.

McIntyre hit a big boot on the floor, and Lee sent McIntyre over the barricade with a shoulder block as we headed to commercial.

Matching power

Back from Commercial, they’re back in the ring and the two exchanged blows. Lee reversed another whip into a corner and he bounced off the turnbuckles.

Lee went for a pin but McIntyre kicked out at one.

Lee then hammered McIntyre’s injured ribs in the corner, and then hit a couple of shoulders in the corner before he threw McIntyre across the ring.

Lee beat him down as he took over the match and dragged McIntyre to the center of the ring for another pin attempt.

Lee picked him up and McIntyre hit a few rights, but Lee picked him up for a powerslam and another pin attempt.

Lee hit a clubbing blow to McIntyre’s back and hit another body slam for a near pinfall as the Legends sat on the stage and applauded.

Lee threw McIntyre into the corner, and McIntyre sidestepped his splash attempt, then he hit Lee with a couple of strikes before attempting a belly to belly suplex that Lee stopped with a headbutt.

McIntyre tried it again, but Lee hit with a knee and attempted another body slam but McIntyre slid off his shoulders and shoved Lee into a corner.

McIntyre then hit his third attempt at a belly to belly suplex, throwing Lee across the ring.

McIntyre then hit a neckbreaker and kiped up.

Lee sidestepped a Claymore, and McIntyre went for a crucifix and turned it into a sunset flip for a near pinfall.

Lee hit a one armed slam for a near pinfall and McIntyre rolled to the floor but lee followed him.

McIntyre picked Lee off the ring apron and powerbombed him through the announce table as we headed to commercial.

History repeats

WWE Raw Results returned from commercial, they were back in the ring and McIntyre hit a clothesline off the top rope for a near pinfall.

McIntyre picked him up, but Lee spun out of his hold and hit a clothesline for a near pinfall.

Lee came off the ropes for a clothesline and McIntyre reversed it into a backslide attempt, but Lee was too strong and he flipped McIntyre over his shoulder.

McIntyre then hit a future shock DDT.

McIntyre headed to the top rope, but Lee caught him with a headbutt and then climbed up. McIntyre tried to fight him off, and Lee hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Lee went for a Spirit Bomb, but McIntyre fought out of it and hit a spinebuster for a near pinfall.

McIntyre readied for a Claymore, but Lee Caught his attempt and went for a Spirit Bomb but McIntyre slipped free.

McIntyre then hit a Claymore off the ropes.

This was the best match of the night that was worthy of the legends in attendance. It was a true throwback match harkening to the days of Hulk Hogan vs. Big John Studd.

McIntyre was about to say something when Goldberg’s music played and he came out.

Goldberg told him there couldn’t be a better representative as a WWE Champion, but he said McIntyre doesn’t have respect.

He said he heard what he said, but it wasn’t what he was thinking. Goldberg claimed that he thinks he’s better than every one of them in their primes and don’t pose a threat to him.

Goldberg said he was wrong and that’s where he stepped in. He said he’s not demanding anything or posing a threat, and he issued a challenge for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

McIntyre said he is full of respect, and said that fighting Goldberg would be like fighting his own dad since he’s not what he was and Goldberg knocked him down as the show ended.

This was a far better show than we expected and we hope this means we can expect better programming here on out.

Still, Goldberg at the end just didn’t work for WWE Raw Results. Wonder if Goldberg will win this in a squash match like he did when he beat the Fiend? At least he’s the prideful heel this time.

What do you think of the match and Goldberg’s challenge? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining us tonight. We can’t wait to see you all next time.

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