WWE Royal Rumble Results: Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre [WWE Championship Match]

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Ever since he won his first WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania in 2020? He’s faced all challenges head on. AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, Randy Orton, the Big Show and more have all fallen to McIntyre. However, tonight he might face his biggest test yet. Tonight, he has to defend the WWE Championship against the legendary Goldberg.

Goldberg has won the World Heavyweight Championship, and the WWE Universal Championship. He just needs the WWE Championship to complete his collection, and after claiming McIntyre was disrespectful to legends and laying down the challenge? McIntyre gladly stepped up. Goldberg is a tough force, even in his older age. McIntyre just compared wrestling Goldberg to fighting his dad, His matches have never been known to last long, and this one is Claymore vs. Spear.

Drew McIntyre Wants The Referee To Ring The Bell

After the classic and epic entrance of Goldberg, he was already looking tired after just walking to the ring, which might be why his matches often need to run short. They’d show the hype package to give him a chance to catch his breath, and McIntyre came out wielding an actual claymore sword. This match was worth it for the entrances alone, which gave this one a bigger feel than it would have had otherwise. With both men in their primes, we’d have a heavyweight epic, and McIntyre wants that. Could he get it?

Before the bell rang, Goldberg decided to talk some trash, and McIntyre hit the Glasgow kiss and speared Goldberg. They’d spill the outside, and McIntyre was speared right through the barricade. McIntyre should have went for the Claymore instead, and now starts the match at a disadvantage. He’d get back to his feet and get in the ring, and tell the ref to ring the damn bell.

Goldberg Came Ready To Fight

Another spear was countered with a knee strike, McIntyre hit a Claymore, and Goldberg kicked out. Lesnar was the only other man to kick out of the Claymore. He’d go for another, and Goldberg dodged and hit a spear, before measuring him for another. McIntyre kicked out at two, but was set up for The Jackhammer. Goldberg delivered his best shot, the move that took out even The Fiend, and McIntyre kicked out at two.

Another Spear was set up, but got the turnbuckle instead. The Claymore was launched again, landed flush, and Goldberg was done. Still WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre! After the match, they’d shake hands in respect.

Will Goldberg show up in the Royal Rumble later tonight to try to get a second chance to become WWE Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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