WWE Smackdown Results (1/1) – Sonya Deville Returns; Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Attack the Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins)

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WWE Smackdown Results returned to find Reigns upset that somebody made the Owens and Jey match despite everything he does for the company.

He then ordered Heyman to find out who doesn’t appreciate him.

Sonya Deville returns

Sonya Deville returned and made her way backstage before she was spotted by Kay and a few others. Talk about an entrance.

It’s great to see her back.

The Street Profits get waylaid

In the ring, the Street Profits were in the ring all dressed up for their New Year’s Day Smoktakular.

Angelo Dawkins said 2020 doesn’t need to go home but needed to get out of there, and Montez Ford interrupted him by saying it wasn’t all bad after they won both brand tag championships.

He added their defeating the New Day at Survivor Series and winning two Slammy Awards.

They then did their big reveal with was a drum set that Dawkins wasn’t too bad at.

Ford then started their 2012 predictions by saying Sami Zayn’s shirt will be the top selling shirt (I was the Intercontinental Champion) will be the top selling shirt of the year.

His second prediction was that Dolph Ziggler will get the nickname he deserves — the Heartache Kid — to go along with him stealing Shawn Michaels’ style.

Ford started on Robert Roode when Roode nailed Dawkins from behind and Ziggler superkicked Ford.

Roode then threw Dawkins into a superkick, and held Ford for Ziggler to nail. Roode then grabbed a steel chair and hit Dawkins with it before throwing him over the barricade.

Roode then slammed Ford’s left leg into the ring post while Ziggler held him. Then Roode held his leg against the ring post as Ziggler hit it with the chair.

Roode followed that with another chair shot to the leg and laughed as it’s something funny now.

Pair of aces

Backstage, Braxton asked Roode and Ziggler what their reason for the attack was.

Ziggler said the reason was the Street Profits provoked them for months. Roode said for them it’s always fun and games and added that what happened out there is their fault.

They have something they want and deserve, and Ziggler added they’re two aces and dirty dogs that do what they want and what they want is a rematch for their Smackdown Tag Team titles.

He added that they won’t stop until they get their shot. For the record, WWE Smackdown Results would love to see this match.

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