WWE Smackdown Results (1/15) – Cesaro Defeated Daniel Bryan by Pinfall; Sasha Banks Sets her Stipulation

Cesaro hit a Neutralizer for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Braxton asked Daniel Bryan what it’s like to train with Chad gable and Otis, and he said it’s refreshing and if it helps him he’s all for it.

When asked if his lose to Nakamura last week matters, he said he has all the respect in the world for Nakamura and thinks he feels the same about him.

Cesaro came in and said Nakamura only shook his head because he felt sorry for Bryan, and then he mocked their training methods.

Bryan offered to show him what their training can do.

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

The match started with Cesaro locking in a side headlock and taking Bryan down with it.

Bryan threw Cesaro off the ropes and ate a shoulder block and a pin attempt by Cesaro, and Cesaro slapped on a side headlock again.

Bryan sent him off the ropes again and hit an arm drag and tried to slap on an armbar, but settled for an armbreaker and then a wrist lock before Cesaro backed them into the corner.

Cesaro hit a reverse elbow and an uppercut, then he threw Bryan into the opposite corner and hit with another uppercut.

Bryan dodged Cesaro’s charge and hit a series of kicks in the corner and a running boot and a arm drag before locking in an armbar.

Bryan then dropped a couple of knees into Cesaro’s left arm and locked in a wrist lock.

Cesaro got to his feet and bodyslammed Bryan to break the hold, and caught Bryan off the ropes with an uppercut.

Bryan hit a couple of forearms, but Cesaro tripped Bryan for a pin attempt. Bryan bridged out of the pin and was flipped into the ropes.

Bryan headed to the top rope and hit an ax handle on the floor. A series of kicks followed, but Cesaro ducked and Bryan kicked the ring post as we headed to commercial.

Back and forth

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and Cesaro had Bryan hanging in the roipe and he kicked Bryan’s injured leg.

They exchanged uppercuts before Bryan flipped over Cesaro in the corner and hit a drop toe hold and kicked out Cesaro’s left arm.

Bryan hit a head scissors and locked in a Yes Lock, but Cesaro powered out of it and went back to working on Bryan’s right leg.

After using a swing, Cesaro locked in a sharpshooter while favoring his left arm.

Cesaro went for a corssface to keep Bryan from reaching the ropes, but Bryan reversed it into a Yes Lock but Cesaro reached the ropes to break the hold.

Bryan hit an armbreaker and put Cesaro on the top rope.

Bryan went for a hurricanrana but Cesaro hung on and pulled Bryan up and hit twisted Bryan around into a reverse vertical suplex off the ropes for a pin attempt.

Cesaro hammered on Bryan, but Bryan slipped out of a Neutralizer, then countered Cesaro’s uppercut into a backslide for a near pinfall.

Bryan hit a pair of Yes Kicks and both struggled to put something together.

Cesaro caught Bryan with an uppercut and a Neutralizer for the win.

Banks’ stipulation

Backstage, Braxton interviewed Carmella and Carmella said she told the truth about Sasha banks and that she can’t touch her.

She said she’s there again tonight, but there’s not Banks. She said Banks was hiding from her and Banks came out of no where to knock her down.

Banks told Carmella’s assistant that she can have her title match as long as Banks has him in a match first. For the record, WWE Smackdown Results think he’s going to get beat bad.

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