WWE Smackdown Results (1/15) – Natalya w/Tamina Defeated Liv Morgan w/Ruby Riott and Billie Key by Pinfall

Natalya rolled up a distracted Morgan for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Billie Key attached herself to the Riott Squad and they seem to have kinda accepted her.

The punk looks does her justice, but she seems like a love starved puppy at times. Hope this will end better than we think it will.

To start off, Natalya and Morgan locked up and Natalya hit a double slap after they broke in the ropes.

Morgan slapped on a side headlock, and Natalya sent her off the ropes but Morgan hit a leg scissors takedown and then a back splash in the corner.

Morgan then caught her with a reverse elbow in the corner. The two did a test of strength that managed to get turned around so their backs were together.

Morgan rolled over Natalya’s back and flipped her over, then to her feet. Morgan kicked Natalya off of her, and Natalya picked her up and hung Morgan on the ropes.

Natalya beat on Morgan in the corner and hit a snap suplex but Morgan blocked her second attempt and rolled her up in a small package for a near pinfall.

Natalya hit a clothesline for a near pinfall, then she hoisted Morgan up into a backbreaker on her shoulder.

Morgan hit Natalya enough so she went near the ropes and Morgan used them to pull herself free and over the to the apron.

Billie Kay stumbles

After a right, Morgan tried a sunset flip for a pin attempt, and followed it with a couple of kicks and a step up kick.

Morgan hit a knee in the corner, then stomped on Natalya. Natalya pulled her into the middle turnbuckle and hit a discus clothesline for a pin attempt.

Billie Kay went to offer help, but Morgan kicked out and rolled Natalya into a small package, and then hit a double knee for a near pinfall.

Kay gave the referee grief and came too close to Tamina, who scared Kay enough that she ran through the ring, causing Morgan to hesitate.

Natalya rolled up Morgan for the win and she and Riott didn’t look too happy with her.

At this point, WWE Smackdown Results really wants to know what the WWE is doing with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce since they apparently broke them up to put them with other teams.

The WWE has long been known to only use the tag team division to create singles stars, but this seems like it’s getting more and more pointless every week.

It’s just… rough to watch anymore. What do you all think? Let us know in the comments below.

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