WWE Smackdown Results (1/15) – Roman Reigns’ Demands

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WWE Smackdown Results returned to find Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce backstage discussing his options against Reigns as she said she thinks he has a good chance of pulling his plan off, whatever that is.

Heyman arrived with the contract from Roman Reigns, and told Pearce holds an opportunity of a lifetime. He not only has a title shot, but an opportunity to face Reigns.

He added the stipulations are set in his favor because it’s under no disqualification.

Pearce told him he knows what he’s doing because Reigns wants to see him be injured, and he signed it anyway and handed it back to a beaming Heyman.

Jey’s threats

Backstage, Jey continued his argument with Charlie Robinson about how he was supposed to count to three and Robinson told him his feet were on the ropes and he did his job.

Jey told him he has to do his job or he’s about to get fired. When Robinson asked what does he mean, Jey told him to just do his job.

Guess Robinson is next on Roman Reigns’ hit list?

Street Profits want the smoke

Kayla Braxton interviewed the Street Profits and asked them about if it was wise to put their championships on the line a week after Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode attacked them.

They said they can’t be called scared, and they became tag team champions for 312 days, and turning down their challenge would disrespect the legacy they’re trying to build.

They ran off the Dirty Dawgs’ nicknames, then promised they’ll get the titles back.

WWE smackdown Results would love to see a rematch, but could we have more tag teams built up to give us some selection first, please? Just a thought.

Reigns wants Last Man Standing

It switched to Reigns’ dressing room as he talked with Apollo Crews about it being about total control and if he doesn’t do it, who will. He added that Crews needs to learn from this.

Heyman came in and handed him the signed contract and Reigns said he’s not going to sign it because he never said he’s do a no DQ match, but he wants a last man standing match.

Heyman said Pearce will never go for it, and Reigns told him he’ll sign it because Heyman will make him sign it in the ring tonight and told Heyman he considers it handled as he gave it back to Heyman.

Well, this looks promising.

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