WWE Smackdown Results (1/8) – Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode) Defeated The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) (c) by Pinfall

Roode and Ziggler hit a spinebuster-zigzag for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Dawkins and Ziggler started it off, and Ziggler went for Dawkins’ leg, but Dawkins reversed it into a rear waist lock before Ziggler made it to the ropes.

Dawkins hit a shoulder block off the ropes, and then a dropkick for a near pinfall.

Dawkins worked on Ziggler’s left arm and tagged in Ford, and they hit a double shoulder block.

Dawkins then flipped Dawkins over his shoulder for a splash on Ziggler and a pin attempt, but Ford looked like he reinjured his knee.

Ford pulled Ziggler to his feet, and Ziggler hit with a right and tagged Roode in and they stomped Ford down in their corner.

Roode worked on Ford’s eyes on the ropes, then bounced his head off a turnbuckle.

Ford fought out of the corner and he pounded away on Roode, but Roode kicked his injured knee.

Roode charged him in the corner, but Ford sent him over the top rope and knocked him off the apron with a right.

Ziggler ran in and Ford flipped him over the ropes, but Ziggler grabbed him. Ford hit a reverse elbow to knock Ziggler off the apron, then hit a somersault over the top rope to take both of them out and he couldn’t get up as we headed to commercial.

Ford tries to hang on

Back from commercial, Dawkins was stomping Roode in a corner while Ford walked off his injury on the floor.

Roode hit an elbow and tried to hit a suplex, but Dawkins blocked it and hit his own, then suplex throw and a spinning elbow and bulldog for a near pinfall.

Roode hit what looked like a low blow, but Dawkins fought back. Ziggler blind tagged in as Roode hit with a dropkick and Ziggler went for a pin attempt.

Ziggler dug into Dawkins’ eyes on the ropes, and Roode nailed him while Ziggler kept the referee busy.

Zigger locked Dawkins in a hold and gator rolled him and tagged in Roode. Roode thennailed Dawkins with a clubbing blow and then a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Roode then stomped Dawkins’ left arm, and nailed him with a right before throwing him into the corner.

Roode threw Ziggler into the corner for a splash, but Dawkins ducked and then threw Roode to the floor so he could attempt to tag in Ford.

Roode pulled Ford off the apron, but Ford fought him off and chugged his red solo cup as Dawkins kicked off Ziggler to tag Ford in.

Ford came in and hit a couple of clotheslines on Ziggler, and the a kick and a couple of rights before Ziggler ducked a right.

Ford hit a backdrop on Roode and hit Ziggler with a discus lariat for a near pinfall.

Ford headed to the top rope and Roode held him up long enough for Ziggler to his a face plant off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Of course. Ford kicked out. Anyone surprised?

Ford counter Sweet Chin Music with a superkick and fell into the pinfall, but Roode broke up the pin.

Dawkins came in and sent Roode to the floor and went back to his corner for Ford to tag out.

Roode went after Dawkins but Dawkins fought him off.

Ziggler knocked Dawkins off the apron, but Ford tried to hit a sunset flip and Ziggler kicked out.

Ziggler hit a chop clock and Roode hit a Fisherman’s suplex for a near pinfall.

Ford then hit Roode with a step up kick and Ziggler tagged in.

Ziggler and Roode then hit a spinebuster into the zigzag for the win.

About time. This should’ve ended a bunch of pin attempts previously but still a fun match in WWE Smackdown Results opinion.

Roode and Ziggler then threw Roode and Ford out of the ring to celebrate their win in the ring.

Congratulations to the new champions.

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