AEW Dynamite Results: Joey Janela vs. Darby Allin [TNT Championship Match]

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Ahead of his match with Sting against Team Taz at Revolution, Darby Allin was sure to find some time to once again defend the TNT Championship. He’s only got one defense under his belt, that being against Brian Cage. However tonight, he’s requested that Joey Janela gets a title shot. Janela & Allin have mixed it up many times on the indies, and will meet tonight. It should be noted that Janela went without a single win on Dynamite in 2020, and this is his first title shot in the company.

Darby Allin Targets The Arm

Allin & Janela started off with a lock up, Janela getting the standing switch but being shoved into the corner before the clean break. Janela would mock Allin before being locked in a hammerlock. Allin would hold the submission even through a front roll from Janela, but had to let it go after being forced into the corner. We didn’t get a clean break this time, Janela hitting a back elbow to Allin.

Allin came back with his springboard arm drag into the shotgun dropkick, before being suplexed onto the apron face first and hit with a suicide dive. Janela had control of the TNT Champion, and would throw some elbow strikes which just fired Allin up. Allin tried to throw Janela across the ring, but Janela reversed and sent Allin chest first into the turnbuckle.

Janela applied a body scissor on the mat, while also fish hooking both sides of the mouth before referee Aubrey Edwards stopped this. Allin was hit with a diving double axe handle, Janela taking his time with the champion before going for the diving elbow drop. Allin pulled him off the top rope onto the apron, before Janela just yanked Allin into the ropes face first.

Could This Be Joey Janela’s Night?

Another shotgun dropkick nailed Janela, before he took some armbreakers over the top rope, until Allin exploded out of the ring with a dive. Back in the ring, Allin applied a fujiwara armbar, and tried to trap the other arm of Janela before he could get the rope. Janela countered a springboard coffin drop into a German Suplex before hitting a superkick, getting a two count.

Allin took advantage of Janela after he got distracted by the TNT Championship, with another big arm wringer. Janela hit a running lariat to drop Allin, but the suplex was countered into a stunner by Allin. Janela nailed a piledriver, getting a near fall. He’d set Allin up on the second rope, but end up taking a Code Red off the second rope. Allin hit a hammerlock assisted STO and nailed the Coffin Drop, finally putting Janela away.

Who will challenge Allin next for the TNT Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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