AEW Beach Break Results: Tag Team Battle Royale, Winner Gets Young Bucks At Revolution

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With AEW Revolution right around the corner, we need challengers for the AEW World Tag Team Champsionships, held by The Young Bucks. Top Flight, Uno & Greyson, Jurassic Express, Silver & Reynolds, Private Party, MJF & Jericho, The Acclaimed, Santana & Ortiz, Guevara & Hager, and The Young Bucks make up the field. FTR were booked, but suspended for one week after their conduct following last weeks singles match between Harwood & Jungle Boy. If The Young Bucks win, they pick their challengers for Revolution.

Thinning Out The Field

In typical Young Bucks fashion, they got this one started by diving off the stage onto Dark Order & Inner Circle, the two biggest collectives in this Battle Royale. A brawl started on the outside, but in the ring Dante Martin of Top Flight was run through with a spear by Matt Jackson, before Private Party took double superkicks. The ring finally filled up, and Isaiah Kassidy somehow dove into the mix and got no one.

Dante Martin was taken out of the match, and Alex Reynolds was taken out by Jake Hager. Stu Greyson was almost taken out by himself, but he just distracted Hager for long enough for Evil Uno & Stu Greyson to help him get Hager off the arpon. Santana & Ortiz went after Matt Jackson, and took him out of the match. MJF kicked Anthony Bowens low and threw him out of the ring.

Luchasarus ran through Private Party, before hitting anything that moved not named Jungle Boy. He’d catch Nick Jackson in a chokeslam sending him onto Darius Martin. Stu Greyson took the fight to Luchasarus, but got chokeslammed onto Bowens at ringside. John Silver & Evil Uno took Luchasarus out of the match soon after.

Uno would drop Nick Jackson with a DDT, before being thrown out by MJF, fully eliminating Uno & Greyson from the match. Marq Quen was taken out by Darius Martin, but Kassidy survived. Silver hit a double suplex on Santana & Ortiz, before they’d throw him out of the ring. This eliminates Silver & Reynolds fully, ending Dark Orders chances in this match.

MJF & Chris Jericho Have A Date With The Young Bucks

Nick Jackson dove onto Inner Circle before doing his hot tag routine and taking both Santana & Ortiz out of the match. Kassidy got Nick with a kick as Good Brothers came to ringside to help take Kassidy out. Private Party is out, but Nick would be sent out by MJF, ending the night for The Young Bucks.

Caster, Jungle Boy & Darius opposed three members of Inner Circle, each man taking a member of the faction. Jungle Boy almost got MJF before being sent over the top and triple teamed by Inner Circle, saved by grapevining his legs around the bottom rope. A second try by MJF got Jungle Boy out, ending the night for Jurassic Express. Caster would take MJF out, before being dumped out by Martin.

Guevara & Jericho went after Darius, and took a double DDT. Darius would almost have Guevara over the top rope, before Jericho unknowingly took Guevara out of the match. This ends the night for Guevara & Hager, and leaves just Darius & Jericho. Darius went to the top rope and hit a dropkick, but Jericho sent him over the top rope to the floor with the Judas Effect, winning the match.

Will MJF & Chris Jericho win the AEW World Tag Team Championships at AEW Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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