AEW Dynamite Results: Brandon Cutler vs. Jake Hager

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Last week following the finish of The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz, The Young Bucks were swarmed by the rest of The Inner Circle. While Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers were slow to help, Brandon Cutler was right there to do his best. Cutler is a longtime friend of The Young Bucks, and picked a fight with Jake Hager during the brawl, being dropped real fast.

Now, he gets a second chance as he faces Hager in singles action tonight on Dynamite. Cutler has won 8 of his last 9 matches, a far cry from his losing streak in 2020. He’s found his groove, but Jake Hager is not someone easy to take down.

Brandon Cutler Is No Match For Someone Like Jake Hager

Cutler would dodge the opening lariat from Hager, and nailing some right hands. Hager shrugged off these blows, before hitting a wheelbarrow style German Suplex on Cutler. Another wheelbarrow German Suplex came next, this time with a deadlift. Cutler was set up in the corner, and took some big body blows before being thrown across the ring. He’d bounce off the far corner and stumble right into a big boot.

Cutler took a Hager Bomb, and that could have ended it, but Hager was having fun. Hager paid for this after Cutler countered the back body drop with a kick to the face. Cutler sent Hager over the top rope, and hit the suicide dive to stun Hager, and the flipping senton to take him down.

Young Bucks Make The Save

Hager was sent back into the ring, but was caught in midair when he went for the crossbody, and was slammed into the middle of the ring. Cutler was dazed, and Hager hit the ropes twice to gain speed before nailing the huge lariat to end this one. It’s back to AEW Dark for Brandon Cutler, who clearly didn’t roll a 20 before coming to the ring for this one.

After the bell, Hager would toss Cutler out of the way, before Santana, Ortiz & Wardlow all came to beat him down. Young Bucks would even the odds with some superkicks, saving their childhood friend. MJF & Jericho would be called out, their music hit, but they weren’t gonna take the bait. They had already beat up Papa Buck anyways, so why fight his sons tonight?

Will Young Bucks beat Jericho & MJF at Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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