AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page Interview Interrupted By Matt Hardy & Dark Order

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Hangman Page has had a decent start to the year. He’s been getting some wins, and is being courted by both one of the major factions in AEW, and by Matt Hardy. However, he’s not keen on making friends right now. He rejected the proposal to join The Dark Order, and after Matt Hardy tagged himself in to get the pinfall during their match? Hangman won’t be too keen on teaming with him. Tonight, we will hear from Hangman Page, and get an idea on where his future could lead.

Hangman Page Gets An Offer He Can’t Refuse From Matt Hardy

Just as Dasha started to get some words from Hangman Page, Matt Hardy would rush onto the scene. He gets it, Page doesn’t want to be in a tag team, but they had undeniable chemistry and got a big win over Chaos Project! Big Money Matt rented out a bar for Page & him to party at to celebrate that win, and the tab is on Hardy!

While clearly skeptical, Page decided to go along with this. Hardy made his way off to the bar with great excitement, but Page needed to go get something first. Claimed he needed to go grab his phone, but it was in his jacket pocket. As someone who will do anything to escape a social situation they don’t want a part of, it’s clear what Page was doing here.

Getting Another Offer From The Dark Order

However, as Page was getting ready to leave, he’d be met by the entire Dark Order led by John Silver. Page was about to be invited to their lounge to have drinks, but Page insisted he had other plans. He’d slip past the Dark Order as calmly as possible, as John Silver embarrassed himself once again. It was made unclear of Page actually went to the private party with Matt Hardy, or just slipped away to find a dark corner and some whiskey.

We didn’t get any info on what is next for Hangman Page here, but we did see that both Matt Hardy & Dark Order will not leave him ride solo. Will Page choose a side, or just stick to his guns and remain solo for the time being? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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