AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page & Matt Hardy vs. TH2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

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Last week, Matt Hardy thought he got one over on a drunken Hangman Page by slipping him a contract after renting out a bar. We’ve seen his contracts with Private Party, and Page clearly wanted no part of that. However, Page switched the contracts before they signed it up, and we don’t know what Page’s game was yet. Regardless, this week he teams with Hardy to face off with TH2 in tag team action.

Matt Hardy & Hangman Page Work Well Together

Hardy would be quickly thrown from the ring by TH2, before they swarmed Page as well. Page fought back with a shoulder tackle on Evans and a suplex on Angelico. Hardy got back to the apron, and hit a second rope elbow butt to the back before hitting a neckbreaker.

Page ran in with the shooting star press, getting a two count. Hardy tagged in and hit a double suplex, dodged Evans in the TH2 corner and hit the Black Tiger Bomb, but Angelico got a blind tag. TH2 got to work on Hardy fast, hitting a back suplex & double stomp combo to get a near fall.

Hardy would get caught on the ropes by Evans, but Angelico couldn’t get the roll up. Evans went for a back handspring elbow in the corner, but took two knees to the back and then a Side Effect.

TH2 Fall Again

Page got the tag alongside Angelico, dodging a pump kick and planting him with the spinebuster. A big lariat followed, and Evans was taken off the apron soon after. The Fallaway Slam to Angelico was followed with vaulting body press to Evans on the outside. Back in the ring, Page set up a huge lariat for a near fall.

The pop up powerbomb would follow up Evans got a blind tag. Both members of TH2 got dropped, and Hangman set up the buckshot. Hardy instead tagged in, was sent into Hangman on the apron and hit with a neck & back breaker from TH2.

The middle rope Phoenix Splash from Evans got a near fall, before Page hit a Double Barrel Buckshot, Hardy got the Twist Of Fate on Angelico for the win.

What Was In The Contract?

After the bell, Hardy would hype Page up on the microphone about the contract he signed last week. Hardy thought he was getting 30% of all the money Page makes, but Page had a good friend who always told him to keep some extra papers rolled up in your jacket. Page would have a copy of the contract brought out.

Hardy read the contract, and it was a match contract. It’ll be Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Page at Revolution, and if Hangman wins? He gets 100% of the money that ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy made in the first quarter of 2021! Page put up the same wager, only to be attacked by Hardy, Private Party & TH2. Dark Order made the save, showing that they truly do care about Page.

Who will win at Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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