AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page vs. Isiah Kassidy

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At AEW Revolution, Hangman Page is in a big money match with Matt Hardy. Whoever wins gets the others full earnings from the first quarter in 2021. Page is confident he can beat Hardy, but tonight he will face one half of Private Party in Isiah Kassidy. We can expect Hardy & Quen to be at ringside but he also brought TH2 along for some extra support. However, Dark Order are always in the shadows supporting Page these days, if the odds need to be evened.

Isiah Kassidy Gets Help From Matt Hardy

As soon as Hangman Page hit the ring, Kassidy started throwing hands. Hardy has brought a brawling side out of Private Party but Page is better in that world. He’d deck Kassidy, and hit the big Fallaway Slam, sending Kassidy rolling out of the ring. Kassidy was able to slip in and get the high ground to stomp Page, but just got rocked with a giant lariat.

Page ran into a boot from Kassidy, but this just allowed Kassidy to have the room to dive into an even bigger boot. Kassidy slipped to the outside, but Page vaulted over the top rope and crashed onto Kassidy. Page would talk some trash to Hardy, before sending Kassidy into the crowd with a lariat. Kassidy was sent back into the ring after almost being sent through a table.

TH2 distracted referee Aubrey Edwards, as Hardy grabbed the leg and threw Hangman Page into the ringpost. However, while she missed it, John Silver & Alex Reynolds didn’t. They came to the ringside area, and informed Edwards of what happened, and she used her better judgement and sent Hardy out of here.

Hangman Page Sends A Message

Kassidy would take advantage of a wounded Page, focusing on the right arm of Page. Submissions aren’t his usual game, but he’d show that Hardy has taught him a lot as he isolated the arm throughout the picture in picture break. Page was able to regain control, before being caught with an uppercut as he went for the dive. Kassidy hit a messy hip drop over the top rope, getting a two count.

Page almost took another armbreaker over the top rope, but he instead yanked Kassidy into the ropes. He’d set up the Buckshot, but took an elbow to the head instead. Page came back with a rolling elbow strike for a two count, using the bad arm but it worked well enough. Kassidy came back with a step up kick, but was caught with a Death Valley Driver. Page hit a hard lariat in the corner, but missed the sliding variant.

Kassidy was dropped with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring, but was able to stay in the fight to hit a reverse hurricanrana and apply a cross armbreaker. Page was able to get the ropes due to Kassidy’s poor submission form, but he’d have his arm hurt again as the springboard lariat was countered. Kassidy went for a springboard destroyer, but was caught with Deadeye instead.

Will Hangman Page beat Matt Hardy at Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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