AEW Dynamite Results: Lance Archer vs. Rey Fenix

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At AEW Revolution, there will be a six way ladder match with the winner getting a shot at the TNT Championship. Cody Rhodes, Penta El Zero Em and Scorpio Sky are all in the mix, and either Rey Fenix or Lance Archer will join them. It all depends on who wins this match tonight, between the best big man and best high flyer in AEW. I’ll let you decide which is which. Fenix has a 32-18 record, while Archer has 16-5 . Only one can move forward, and may the best man win.

Rey Fenix Starts Fast

This battle of power and speed started with Fenix throwing a hard strike at the chest of Archer before trying to chop him down. Fenix missed the hook kick and took a big right hand. He’d try again, be blocked and nearly take a chokeslam, before getting a running hurricanrana. Archer countered a back handspring cutter into a mini-cutter, before being dumped over the top rope and being wiped out by a lightning quick dive from Fenix.

Fenix went to the top rope, but Archer distracted the referee as Jake Roberts took Fenix down. Fenix wasn’t down long before he jumped over Roberts onto Archer. Another big chop from Fenix worsened the already red chest of Archer, who came back with a punch that sent Fenix over the barricade. Throughout a picture in picture break, they’d keep brawling on the outside, Fenix keeping the upper hand with his speed.

Back in the ring, Fenix hit a springboard frog splash and got a near fall. Archer made a comeback by just getting hold of Fenix and throwing him around the ring. Fenix was feeling the effects of that mauling, just throwing quick strikes and being leveled by one back. He’d look for an armdrag off the ropes, but only narrowly avoid the chokeslam only to be run through with a lariat.

Fenix was thrown right into the barricades, before Archer hit a cannonball senton, crushing Fenix between him and the steel. Archer got Fenix back in the ring, and just launched him with a big throwing suplex. Fenix was set up on the top rope to set up Blackout, but Archer was unable to get his finisher. Archer was hit with a swift kick to the gut, before Fenix came down on his head with a double stomp.

Lance Archer Digs Deep

Fenix tried to get Archer up for the driver, but that was a poor move. Instead, Archer would toss Fenix with a German Suplex. He’d go for Old School next, but end with a rope walk moonsault. Fenix was able to kick out two, which only prolonged the beating. Archer just rammed his shoulder into the gut of Fenix, taking what breath he had left away.

Fenix was able to get his boot up to catch Archer in the jaw, finally getting an opening. He’d dodge a big boot, leaving Archer stuck in the ropes before hitting a rope walk PK to the head. Fenix got a near fall, before going for a moonsault but opting for a rolling cutter instead. He’d make the mistake of looking for the driver again, instead taking a fisherman buster.

Archer took Fenix up top for a chokeslam, but Fenix instead getting a top rope spanish fly! He’d almost get the Fenix Driver, but Archer went for the mask and fired him up. Some quick strikes stunned Archer, but the big man was able to hit the pounce. A buckle bomb was followed by a chokeslam, but Fenix still kicked out. One thing he wouldn’t kick out of was Blackout, which won this one for Archer.

Who will win the ladder match at Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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