Could Rhea Ripley Dethrone Asuka At WWE Elimination Chamber?

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Last night, WWE fans got some shocking news from Lacey Evans. She was unable to compete in her tag team match, and would have to pull out of her RAW Women’s Championship match this weekend at Elimination Chamber. This is due to her being pregnant with her second child (and in the storyline, Ric Flair is the father apparently!) This leaves Asuka without an opponent for another PPV, which could make three in a row without a defense. However, there is a perfect challenger just waiting for her chance.

Rhea Ripley Could Easily Fit Into A RAW Women’s Championship Open Challenge From Asuka

With Asuka always being someone who prides herself on being a fighting champion, she won’t be pleased to realize that she might go another PPV event without a title defense. It’s likely she requests a challenger for the event, and could even choose to have it be an open challenge, a favorite format of WWE as of late for title matches. While someone like Peyton Royce could step up, there’s one challenger just waiting to make an impact on the main roster once again.

This is ‘The Nightmare’ Rhea Ripley. The former NXT Women’s Champion recently finished on the Black & Gold brand following a brutal Last Woman Standing match with Raquel Gonzalez, before going toe to toe with Bianca Belair as the final two women in the 2021 Royal Rumble. She’s been on standby since that event, not showing on NXT, RAW or Smackdown.

One Of WWE’s Budding Stars

Ripley is one of the hottest young female talents in the company, and she proved herself ready for big time matches at last years Wrestlemania, having the best singles match of the weekend with Charlotte Flair over the NXT Women’s Championship. Add in some excellent matches in NXT, and her Royal Rumble performance, and it’s clear she’s a star for WWE.

Putting her in the ring with Asuka this Sunday, and giving them a solid 15 or 20 minutes to put on an instant classic would do wonders for both women, and the division as a whole. Add in that Asuka has previously said she’d love to face Ripley, and it’s a perfect chance to boost both an old star and a new, but not WWE’s only option for Asuka. Is there anyone you’d rather see face Asuka at Elimination Chamber? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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