Do We Need A Fourth Company To Join AEW, Impact And NJPW Or Stick With Three? 

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AEW has become one of the main players of wrestling in the space of a year. With the Elite and Tony Khan building an Indie roster and creating main event Stars.

They did have some massive stars to kick start the company but since then, the new wrestlers have caught up. AEW after a year are bringing together the Infinity Stones. With bringing together other wrestling companies like Impact and NJPW recently joining the relationship.

There are a couple of other companies that could be crossing over in the next year or two. Although they are already working with two other companies that aren’t mentioned enough. 

AAA and OWE 

There is the fact that there are technically 5 companies already working together. With AEW working with AAA, a Mexican company and OWE based in China. We obviously haven’t seen much crossover with these lately due to Covid, but both Fenix and Kenny Omega make regular appearances.

With Kenny Omega being the champion of the company. We haven’t seen anyone from OWE for a while but that could be due to Covid. We may see them down the line. 

Who could be the fourth company? 

For a moment, let’s forget about AAA and OWE and think of a fourth company that could join the three companies. There are currently three companies in mind, them being ROH, MLW and NWA wrestling.

They have kind of worked with NWA and MLW after using a lot of their wrestlers through the pandemic; Thunder Rosa and Brian Pillman to name a few of them. Making them two the most likely companies AEW do have a working relationship in the future. ROH is one of the biggest wrestling companies, a crossover could be in the future.

With all of the Elite having some contract there. It may be the company that we don’t see due to maybe some bad blood. Although, if that is the case with all these crossover happening, it feels like if ROH didn’t do it, they would be missing out.

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