Impact Wrestling No Surrender Preview (2/13) – Hernandez and Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona

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Out of all the matches at the No Surrender pay-per-view, this one has grabbed Impact Wrestling No Surrender Preview attention.

It’s not that we expect a five star match or anything like that, but this has a couple of fun angles that we’re looking forward to seeing play out.

The first is Brian Myers possibly having to pay Hernandez after the match. The agreement was Hernandez got half up front and the other half after they win, but what if they lose?

We’re sure Hernandez will honor his word, but if/when Myers blames him for the loss beating the stuffing out of Myers may suit him more than any payday and we wouldn’t blame him.

While that may be the case as we expect Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona to win, we think the fight between them will be quick with Myers backing down right away.

Hernandez will then have to deal with Fallah Bahh stealing or attempting to steal his money, and Hernandez could blame Myers for that and we’re off to the races.

We have to admit that we’d love to see Myers and Hernandez in a feud simply because Hernandez won’t fall for Myers’ tricks and it’ll force Myers into actually facing him.

Cardona making a name for himself

On the flip side, we love how Cardona has found a home at Impact by being the anti-Myers of sorts as he’s grateful to be there and wants to prove himself.

Since he’s as bewildered as anyone as to why Myers is acting like he is, he’s going to be on the front lines against his old friend with Eddie Edwards at his side.

Like Hernandez, Edwards’ roots go way back with the company and they’ve helped to build Impact as well as keeping it alive for the last few years.

It’s going to be fun seeing a pair of TNA/Impact stalwarts helping to reignite some fun back and forths as well as helping to lift their partners to new heights in the company.

For his part, Cardona has a reputation among fans as having all the tools but needing to fully find his niche without someone in his ear telling him to do things a certain way.

Since he’s been in Impact, we’ve noticed he’s been fast and explosive from beginning to end in his matches instead of looking uncertain or sluggish at times.

He looks like he’s starting to settle in and with Edwards’ new aggressive attitude, we expect him to really ramp things up and give us a solid match.

What are you looking forward to seeing in this match? Let Impact Wrestling No Surrender Preview know in the comments below.

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