Impact Wrestling Results (2/16) – Matt Cardona Defeated Hernandez w/Brian Myers by Pinfall

Cardona hit Radio Silence for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results tuned in as they started off with a lockup and Hernandez showed his power by shoving Cardona across the ring, and on their second one he threw Cardona into the mat face first.

Cardona hit a dropkick and Hernandez rolled to the floor to regroup.

Back in the ring, Hernandez hit a shoulder block off the ropes, and then charged at Cardona who ushered him out to the floor.

Cardona hit a baseball slide and a flip over the ropes on Hernandez, then rolled Hernandez into the ring.

Myers kept the ref busy while Hernandez hit Cardona with a low blow with his heel after Cardona leapt over him, and Hernandez then knocked him to the floor as we headed to commercial.

It was an interesting angle as Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were wondering if Cardona was too nice to succeed in Impact Wrestling.

Cardona keeps it going

Back from commercial and Hernandez had Cardona in a bearhug, and then shoved him into the ropes, but Hernandez ducked too soon and Cardona threw him into the mat.

Cardona hit a couple of blows then a missile dropkick, but Hernandez knocked him backwards and set up for the Border Cross, but Cardona slipped out and hit Radio Silence for the win.

Myers looked like he was giving Hernandez grief alongside the ring, and Gia Miller came in to interview Cardona.

She congratulated him on his win and mentioned Brian Myers, but he said he’s not there to talk about Myers and he’s there to light his own torch and carry it himself.

We could see Myers and Hernandez stop on the ramp when Cardona mentioned Myers’ name, and the headed back to the ring.

Myers interrupted him and accused Cardona of coming there to copy off of him.

Cardona asked him what the deal is, and Hernandez attacked him from behind and choked him out on the bottom rope.

Eddie Edwards came out and knocked Hernandez to the floor then hit a crossbody over the top rope to take Hernandez off.

Myers went after Cardona, but Cardona hit him with an elbow in his injured eye and Myers retreated.

This feud is getting interesting as we want to think Myers is the heel, but could he have a point since Cardona constantly says he came there to prove himself?

Myers has been a different sort since arriving. Maybe he blames Cardona for his troubles? This is going to be a fun feud to watch unfold.

Tony Kahn’s Segment

Tony Kahn and Tony Schiavone greeted us and hoped we had a great Valentine’s Day.

Kahn said he doesn’t receive, he just gives and he’s giving Impact financial stability by purchasing these ads and he gets to write them off as charitable donations at the end of the year.

He then went on about AEW Dynamite’s matches tomorrow, and made a point to trash the Good Brothers for interfering in their matches and said they could’ve been successful.

Nevaeh picks a fight

Havok was backstage and told Nevaeh that she’s been trying to get ahold of her for days and asked what’s going on.

Nevaeh said she lost them another match and asked should they even be a team.

Tenille Dashwood with Kaleb with a K came in and talked smack on Nevaeh being extra baggage.

Nevaeh told her she wasn’t invited to this conversation and invited Dashwood to the ring.

Dashwood said she’ll prove to Havok that she’s a better partner than Nevaeh ever was. Ouch. Impact Wrestling Results hope Nevaeh gets her for that.

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