Impact Wrestling Results (2/2) – Havok w/Nevaeh Defeated Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan by Pinfall; Callihan and D’Amore Bond

Havok hit a tombstone piledriver for the win

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

It looks like we’re going to have an awesome show tonight with plenty of great matches and some twists and turns, so let’s not waste any time and get right to the action.

Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan vs. Havok w/Nevaeh

Steelz went right at Havok and nailed her with several strikes and a kick, but she chose to gloat and Havok caught her with a big boot.

Steelz slipped out of the slam attempt and hit a chop block and a series of kicks to Havok’s left leg, then another three to her head for a pin attempt.

Steelz then stomped Havok and went for a singe leg crab but Havok got to the ropes. Steelz continued working on Havok’s left leg with a series of elbow drops.

Steelz hit a pair of running elbows in the corner, but Havok grabbed her the second time and spiked her, then landed a knee and bog boot.

Havok threw her across the ring and hit a running knee before missing a kick and Steelz hit a couple of strikes.

Havok stopped a pair of whip attempts and threw Steelz into the corner, but Steelz jumped to the middle rope.

Havok caught Steelz crossbody and hit a sidewalk slam for a near pinfall.

Havok then went off the ropes, but Hogan grabbed her leg, so Havok picked her up and choked her while Nevaeh tripped Steelz.

Havok knocked Hogan off the ring apron with a right, then hit a tombstone piledriver on Steelz for the win.

This was a good match to start the night off and it was good to see Nevaeh have a hand in it this time.

After the match, Steelz and Hogan shouted at Havok and Nevaeh, but then retreated when they approached the ropes.

Scott D’Amore and Sami Callihan bond over Ken Shamrock suspension

A replay took us back to last week after the show ended where Shamrock refused to release the official, and when Callihan tried to get him under control, he nailed Callihan with a right.

Shamrock totally snapped and said it’s only over when he says it’s over and locked in the ankle lock on the referee again.

Callihan slipped out of the ring as Shamrock hit a belly to belly suplex on a pair of security officials, then dropped another with a right.

Scott D’Amore had Callihan in his office and told Callihan that was too much even for him and he suspended Shamrock indefinitely.

Callihan said he was going to fire him anyway after he hit him and congratulated D’Amore on doing a good job and shook his hand.

D’Amore looked shocked and disgusted to be on the same page as Callihan, and we have a feeling this will be fun going forward.

Dreamer’s advice

Impact Wrestling Results loved how Tommy Dreamer told Rich Swann how he loves how things come full circle and said how he gave up a title shot to Terry Funk.

Swann said it does go full circle, and he knows that Dreamer is turning 50 and is banged up and wanted to take care of things tonight so Dreamer goes into No Surrender at 100%.

Dreamer told him he’s going to pull his own weight and Swan should tag him in if he gets tired, and Swann said he never gets tired.

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