Impact Wrestling Results (2/23) – Eddie Edwards Defeated Hernandez (replacing Bryan Myers due to “injury”) by Pinfall

Edwards hit a Boston Knee Party off the second rope for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results weren’t surprised when Myers came out for his match in street clothes and said he’d love to have this match, but he can’t.

He said he’s been advised not to, and hit lawyer appeared on the screen and introduced himself and said he was hired due to the unsafe working conditions and environment at Impact Wrestling.

He said it caused irreversible damage to Myers’ eyesight and he advised him not to wrestle, then substituted that a replacement can be made to fill in for Myers if he can’t compete.

So, Hernandez came out.

This should be a good match.

Edwards hit Hernandez with a suicide dive on the floor, but was busy jawing at Myers and Hernande hit with a kick and sent him into the ring and hit a splash as the match started.

Edward ushered him through the ropes, and Hernandez swept out Edwards’ legs so he landed on the ring apron.

Myers landed a few rights while the ref was busy.

Back in the ring, Hernandez his with a shoulder block, and headed to the top rope but Edwards caught him with a step up kick and climbed up.

Hernandez tried to fight him with a series of headbutts, but Edwards still managed to his a superplex.

Hernandez hit Edwards with a body press, but Edwards slipped off his shoulder and hit a Boston Knee Party off the second rope for the win.

Myer’s caught in the fine print

Myers went backstage and Matt Cardona came up to him, and while Cardona plead his case following being asked if he’s stalking Myers, Scott D’Amore joined them and asked Myers how his match was.

When Myers said it was fine, D’Amore said he saw it.

D’Amore then pointed out how the lawyer mentioned 17H but didn’t ready far enough down where it said the doctor that has to clear him has to be their doctor.

So, Myers will face Edwards next week in an eye for an eye match. Myers said its unsafe, and D’Amore said Cardona will ref it.

Myers asked if he was serious, and D’Amore said no, and asked who would do that? It’s the dumbest thing in the world to have a guy’s eye pop out and then he’s fine a couple of weeks later?

Massive shade to the WWE and that bad storyline and match stipulation. Impact Wrestling loves D’Amore’s timing and charisma.

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