Impact Wrestling Results (2/23) – Jordynne Grace and Jazz Defeated Susan and Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo

Grace hit Susan with a Grace Driver for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned have been looking forward to this, and Susan ducked under Jazz’s clothesline and did a go behind, and Jazz flipped her over for a pin attempt.

Susan got to her feet and Jazz rolled her up for a pin attempt, then did a barrel role for another pin attempt.

Susan locked in a side headlock, and Jazz hit with a couple of rights and sent her into the ropes and hit Susan with a shoulder block for a pin attempt.

Jazz then hit with a series of blows to the back for another pin attempt.

Jazz clapped her ears and went off the ropes, but Purrazzo grabber her leg and Susan hit her from behind and Purrazzo choked her on the bottom rope while the ref tried to push Grace back.

OBD came out to stop Purrazzo, and the ref kicked ODB and Purrazzo from ringside as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Lee was in control over Jazz with a neck and arm lock.

Jazz fought to her feet and hit a couple of elbows, then hit a kick for a near pinfall.

Lee pulled Jazz away form tagging in Grace and hit a sidewalk slam for a pin attempt.

Grace turns the tide

Susan came in and drove Jazz into a corner and hits a couple of rights to Jazz’s midsection, then she snapmared Jaz over and slapped on a type of sleeper hold.

Jazz hit a couple of chops, but Susan kept control and Lee came in and she drove Jazz into a corner and hit a chop.

Jazz stopped her whip into a corner and collided heads with Lee and Grace came in and hit Susan with a clothesline, elbows, and forearm.

Grace hit a spinebuster for a pin attempt Lee broke up.

Jazz threw Lee to the floor and they hit a double face buster for a near pinfall.

Grace locked in a torture rack on Susan, but Susan slipped free and Grace his a German Suplex.

Susan fought out od a hold and held onto Grace’s ear and went for a pin. Lee came in and Jazz hit her with a clothesline and they headed to the floor.

Susan locked in a ankle lock, but Grace kicked out and hit a Grace Driver for the win.

They’re next for Fire ‘N Flava at Sacrifice, and that should be an awesome match.

Backstage, Grace thanked Jazz and they found ODB unconscious on the floor and security came over to help.

Grace said it had to be Purrazzo, and Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see who it is.

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