Impact Wrestling Results (2/23) – TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Moose (c) Defeated Jake Something by Pinfall

Moose hit a spear for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results love hot Jake attacked Moose from behind during the intro and stood in the spotlight, then he went after Moose on the floor with rights and sent Moose into the barricade as we headed to commercial,

Talk about a great way to get back at him for earlier.

Back from commercial, and they’re still on the floor with Jake ramming Moose into one barricade and then another before throwing Moose into the ring so the match could start.

Jake hit a splash as the bell rang, a right hand, and another splash, but Moose followed him in on his third attempt for his own splash, and then hit a running boot.

Moose then choked him out on the bottom rope and threw him into a corner to hit a hard chop.

Jake hit a series of rights, but Moose grabbed him by the forehead and slammed him backwards into the mat.

Jake caught himself on the ropes and sent Moose to the floor, then went to follow with a suicide dive but caught himself.

Jake’s heart

Moose took out his legs to slam Jake on the floor, and when Jake made it back into the ring, Moose drove him into a corner, and then another.

Jakes dodged Moose’s splash and hit a couple of short clotheslines, and then a third. Moose his a headbutt, and then Jake hit with an inside out.

Jake hit a sit out slam for a near pinfall.

Jake charged in and Moose shoved him into the top rope and Moose hit a dropkick, then climbed up and hit a superplex.

The referee started a double count and got to seven before moose did a kip up and readeidn to charge, but Jake countered with a pop up powerbomb for a near pinfall.

They exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, daring each to hit the other.

Jake gained the upper hand, but ran into a big boot, and Moose ran into a forearm.

Champion vs. Champion

Moose then caught him in a pair of one armed slams and a rip cord. Moose followed it with a spear for the win, but Jake gave him one heckuva fight.

After the match, Moose grabbed a chair and nailed Jake across the back. Rich Swann ran out and pulled the chair away, then went after Moose, but Moose kept shoving him back, laughing as security came out.

Scott D’Amore came out and said they’ll face each other on Sacrifice for the Impact World Championship.

This was a fun match and can’t wait to see what’d next for Jake as well as the build up for Sacrifice.

What did you think of the match and show? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results. We had a great time and can’t wait until next week.

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