Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap (2/17)

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap!

We’re looking forward into getting back into this show, so let’s dive right in.

Mahabali Shera Defeated Fallah Bahh by Pinfall

We didn’t waste any time getting to the action, and we expect this to be a fun one.

The initial lockup ended in a draw and they circled each other for another one that ended in a draw.

Shera slapped on a side headlock on the third attempt but Bahh didn’t budge on a shoulder block, or the second one.

Shera finally got Bahh off his feet with his third attempt, then his a clothesline in the corner, but Bahh hit a couple of headbutts in the center of the ring.

Shera fought off of Bahh’s shoulders and hit a forearm off a springboard for a near pinfall as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, Bahh threw Shera into a corner and hit a hip attack to send Shera into the ring post, and Bahh snapmared him into the middle of the ring for an elbow drop and a near pinfall.

Bahh then chocked Shera out on the top rope and slung Shera backwards into the ring.

Shera hit a series of right and backed Bahh into the ropes, but Bahh hit a belly to belly suples for a near pinfall.

Bahh then clubbed Shera’s head from behind and locked in a neck hold.

Bahh raked his back, and then hit a couple of chops before he dropped Shera with a clubbing blow to the back and locked in a neck hold again.

Shera powered to his feet and Bahh drove him into a corner with a shoulder, but ran into a boot and Shera dropped him twice with a pair of clotheslines and then a body slam for a pin attempt.

Shera readied to finish it and hit a pop up powerbomb off the ropes for the win.

This was a good match and we’re loving Bahh’s new aggressive style in the ring.

Around the Ring with David Penzer

Referee month continues with John E. Bravo as the former head of officiating for Impact Wrestling.

Bravo said he misses being a referee, but he feels he can help the company more in his current position and that fans seem to like it more.

Penzer then brought up Wrestle House and how Rosemary locked them all in the house until Bravo wanted to marry her.

When it came to his experience in Wrestle House, Bravo said they bonded with each other, just like in any hostage crisis as he said it was, and he said they had a lot of fun.

Penzer asked when did he realize he had to propose, and he said he eventually got the hint that’s what it’d take to get them out of the house.

When it came to walking the line between Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie, he said it was difficult and he thought love conquered all.

He then added he broke under the financial pressure and added that Rosemary had ulterior motives, but they both are responsible.

He added that they’re still technically married.

Bravo admitted he can’t take a lot of pain so he passed out when he was shot.

Penzer asked how he felt about Scott D’Amore wanting to pull the plug and Bravo said it didn’t surprise him and if anyone will do it D’Amore is the man to do it.

Bravo added that he didn’t think Taya would’ve sprayed Larry D and that he probably already forgave her but he hasn’t seen her since she left.

As far as 2021 resolutions, he said not to do anymore talk shows with David Penzer.

Bravo took the microphone away when Penzer asked if he’s still a virgin and promised he’ll work to have this segment cancelled, and Penzer said he hopes to see us back there next week.

Impact Flashback – No Surrender 2012 – TNA Tag Team Championship – Christopher Daniels and Kazarian Defeated AJ Styles and Kurt Angle by Pinfall

This was an awesome match with a fun ending thanks to Daniels’ quick thinking and soda. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying, right?

It’s always fun watching these classic matches, and it’s great to see many of them are still wrestling at a high level.

The episode closed off with Tommy Dreamer’s impassioned speech at his and Rich Swann’s contract signing for No Surrender.

That does it for this week’s Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap. Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next time.

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