Kenny Omega Breaks Character In BTE For The Arcades.

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If you have been watching AEW lately, you’ll know that Kenny Omega’s heel turn has quickly made him one of the top wrestlers in AEW. If you watched him before AEW, this wasn’t much of a surprise. The new Kenny Omega character as a heel isn’t usually broken.

With him recently going to read to kids, it felt like the character won’t be broken on screen. But on this week’s episode of BTE, we got a surprising break of character from Kenny Omega.

The love of the Arcade 

Kenny Omega played Street Fighter on an arcade machine against two owners of the Arcade. In this arcade match, there was no Don or Good Brother by his side. What I know after watching him for weeks doing Skits and dressed like a comedy villain.

It is surprising to see him in normal clothes with Bradon Cutler playing Arcades games. If you are wondering, Kenny Omega is a legend with Street Fighter, and he did beat both of the Arcade managers. 

The gamer in Kenny Omega will never die. 

There isn’t much surprise that we are seeing the gaming side of Kenny Omega. Although his character on TV is pretty different. Kenny Omega will be one of the main wrestlers to promote the future AEW game and hold his own video game event.

Making it not surprising that we are still seeing him as a gamer in BTE. As we will most likely see him heavily involved in more video Game themed events and skits in the near future. 

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