NJPW Strong Results: Jon Moxley vs. KENTA [IWGP United States Championship Match]

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Some thought this day may never come, but we’re finally here. It’s been over a year since Jon Moxley defended his IWGP United States Championship, due to not being able to travel to Japan thanks to the global pandemic. That no longer matters, as the ‘Forbidden Door’ between All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling has been shattered.

This was done by KENTA himself, when he showed up on AEW Dynamite to attack Moxley. KENTA even teamed with Kenny Omega to defeat Jon Moxley & Lance Archer in a Street Fight. Tonight, Jon Moxley faces off with KENTA on New Japan Strong, and finally defends his IWGP United States Championship once again. This has been months in the making, and boy was it nice to hear Jon Moxley’s NJPW theme again.

Return Of ‘The Death Rider’ Jon Moxley To New Japan Pro Wrestling

Moxley is a two time champion who never lost the belt, only being bested by a typhoon which had him miss a defense. KENTA has a major challenge ahead of him, but he’s a big match wrestler. They’d waste no time getting physical, trading forearms before Moxley ran KENTA over with a big boot. He’d get the sliding lariat and move into a Bulldog Choke, KENTA scrambling to the ropes.

KENTA took refuge on the apron, and was taken off the top rope as he went for a springboard. Moxley followed him outside for some brawling, only to take a hard suplex on the floor. The thin layer of padding over concrete did little to help Moxley, and KENTA would go to grab his briefcase. Moxley knocked it out of his hands, and wanted to hit the Gotch Style Piledriver onto it, but instead getting hit with a DDT.

Back in the ring, KENTA started to lay in his dangerous kicks and stomps, before hitting a neckbreaker. KENTA dropped the knee pad… only to jump over Moxley’s head and kick him in the ear. Moxley was rocked just five minutes into this match. He’d finally block a mid-kick from KENTA, and start throwing forearms again with KENTA.

Moxley stumbled into the corner, dodged the hesitation dropkick, avoided the Go To Sleep, and took KENTA over the top rope to the outside. KENTA was hit with a dive through the ropes, and Moxley outbrawled him on the outside. Moxley came off the stage with a jumping knee, before pulling out a table.

KENTA Mounts The Comeback

Before KENTA could be put on the table, he’d smash Moxley with that IWGP United States Championship. Moxley was set up on the table, and KENTA went up to the top rope and hit the elbow drop off the top rope! KENTA was a second away from winning the belt through countout, but Moxley got in at 19. Moxley would be hit with more dangerous strikes, including the hesitation dropkick and a double stomp off the top rope.

KENTA set up the Go To Sleep again, but Moxley fought free and hit a quick German Suplex. Moxley hit a huge lariat, and got a two count for his efforts, but more importantly a chance to catch his breath. KENTA was hit with some grounded strikes, before being able to counter into an attempt at Game Over. Instead, Moxley would counter into the Bulldog Choke, forcing KENTA to fight free.
KENTA would be able to lock in Game Over, and Moxley pulled his way to the bottom rope. There was no rest to be found however, as KENTA hit a knee to the back of the head, only for Moxley to come back with another huge lariat. Moxley set up Death Rider, KENTA moved into Go To Sleep, neither man getting their killshot.

Moxley hit a snap death rider, and told KENTA that all his shit talking was over. KENTA would do his best stone cold impression, and go down to a Death Rider. Jon Moxley remains the IWGP United States Champion.

After months of waiting, we finally got this hard hitting war of a match. It had something for everyone, with hard hitting strikes, hardcore brawling on the outside, submission exchanges, and KENTA getting his mouth shut by Jon Moxley. It was never going to meet the insane hype in an empty building, but I doubt this is the final time Moxley will meet KENTA one on one. Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

Should KENTA have beaten Jon Moxley? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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