NWA Speculation – Will the WWE Purchase the NWA?

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There are plenty of interesting rumors bouncing around the internet the last few weeks about the fate of the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and will the WWE purchase the NWA.

This may sound outlandish since Billy Corgan purchased the NWA name, rights, trademarks and championship belts in 2017 and has been praised for going back to wrestling roots.

Under his leadership, the NWA returned to the old school style of studio wrestling instead of the multi-million dollar production that has become prevalent thanks mostly to the WWE.

But 2020 was hard for the NWA like many wrestling companies and people in general.

It looked like they were getting ready to reformat their system by moving from a weekly Youtube show to a weekly pay-per-view format, and thanks to a cross promotion with AEW they were gaining fans’ interest.

But recently, they took down all of their content from their Youtube channel and it’s brought up plenty of speculation on the odds of a buyout and what a WWE purchase the NWA would mean.

WWE owns their classic video library

IT’s not as farfetched as it seems as the WWE owns the video library of the NWA thanks to their purchase of the WCW video library in 2001.

It’s a vast history of the promotion, and it’d definitely make it easier to grow the promotion as a potential NXT style of territory live Evolve and others the WWE has purchased over the years.

The problem here is the WWE has too much talent on hand in their developmental brands, giving reason for many to point out they’re attempting to hoard talent again.

The reasons for why they do that is a discussion for another article, but it’s definitely possible Vince McMahon would take this opportunity to get the NWA name under his company’s banner.

But there’s another possibility, and this is one NWA fans are mostly hoping for.

NWA streaming service

There’s every reason to believe that the NWA is going to launch their own streaming service and it’d make sense as it can go hand in hand with their weekly pay-per-view idea, or replace it.

Streaming is the next logical step as networks and cable/satellite providers are starting to become obsolete for many.

It’d also be a great way for them to ensure their audience has a central place to see their growing library, and it’d open the possibility for them to attempt gaining access to the library WWE owns.

We doubt the WWE will give that cash cow up and WCW programming is always fun to watch, but it’s definitely a possibility.

It could also open up a partnership with the WWE like Triple H hinted at being possible a couple of months back, though we don’t see the WWE letting a partner not work independently or without oversight of some kind.

We have to admit, as much as the idea of the WWE purchasing the NWA feels likely, we’d like to see them form their own streaming service and grow from there.

We’ve said many times before we don’t want to see any company go out of business as it’ll only hurt wrestling and the fans. The more options we have the better the product is.

Will the WWE purchase the NWA or will there be a NWA streaming platform? Or is there another possibility? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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