OVW TV 1121 Recap – “Road to OVW Tough Love”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1121 Recap! Looks like we’re going to have a fun episode in the GO Home show for Tough Love PPV.

Let’s get to the action.

“The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera Defeated “The Iron Bear” Tom Coffey by Pinfall 

This should be a fun match with both men among the toughest around.

Coffey started it off by taking it to Shera with strikes and a spinebuster, letting Shera know he’s not going to be a pushover.

As soon as we said that, Shera destroyed Coffey in a handful of clotheslines before hitting the Iron Claw sit out powerbomb for the win.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts and the Tate Twins

Ronnie really ramped up the charisma this week as he handed out the collection plate when he saw so many holding out dollar bills for him.

He informed us that he accepts cash, credit, checks, platinum, copper, and gold, basically anything he can sell. He then introduced OVW’s tag team champions the Tate Twins.

Ronnie started it out asking them about their setback last week, and they admitted they were beat fair and square.

Ronnie added that it looked like they beat the bricks off them like they were two jabronis off the street.

Ronnie then asked them about being called the Olson Twins instead of Barbie Twins or other options.

The Tates started their rebuttal when AJ Daniels came out and he said he had the night off but wanted to say hi to his OVW family.

He then added luck is the last thing they need and they’re 6-0 and asked the Tates what happened when they faced off.

Ronnie tried to cool things off by pointing out he doesn’t have a set to destroy, then told Daniels he heard the Tates said the Gravity Destroyers kill the ratings.

A brief exchange led to Daniels promising the Gravity Destroyers will win at Tough Love.

LOB hunting gold

Backstage, Josh Ashcraft said we all know that HY-Zaya should still be Rush Division champion, and at Tough Love they’ll do what they do best and that’s to bring the gold back.

He promised they’re going to cash checks, break necks, and bring the gold back to the LOB.

Gustavo Defeated “The Golden Boy” AJZ by Disqualification

Gustavo’s been on a good run lately, so we expect a good one here.

AJZ mocked Gustavo and shoved him down in a display of power to start off.

Gustavo took control thanks to his speed, but AJZ used the ropes to buy time and turn the tide.

AJZ was outside the ring and pulled something out of this tights and knocked Gustavo out with a single punch for the pin.

Ryan Howe came out and pointed out the object and demanded the referee look, and she found his brass knuckles and reversed the decision and Gustavo got the win by DQ.

AJZ knocked How and Gustavo off the ring apron from behind, then ran off when Howe went after him. Looks like we have a new feud starting.

Super Heavyweight Open Challenge – “Big Money” Dimes Defeated Jesse Morris by Pinfall

Dimes’ demand to only face people that are 6’5 and 300 pounds, he decided to handpick his first challenger.

Um, Jesse Morris is as close to being a superheavyweight as Dimes. Can’t wait until a real superheavyweight drops in.

Dimes’ body slam attempt failed, and JMO dared him to try again.

JMO took it to Dimes with several rights, but Dimes hit a cutter for the win.

“The Black Widow” Harley Fairfax Ended in Arie Alexander No Contest

Alexander started it off by taking it to Fairfax with a dropkick and some good shots, but Fairfax quickly turned it around and hammered away on Alexander.

“HollyHood” Haley J hit Fairfax from the floor with a trash can, and Luscious Lawrence came out with a mic and proclaimed her the winner.

He threw the trash can into the ring, and Haley J entered the ring and hammered away on both competitors with the trash can to end the match in No Contest.

Haley J called out Joseline Navarro and wanted to show how “gangsta” she is, and even attacked an official while Lawrence cheered her on.

Lawrence eventually pulled her off and guided her out of the ring with her message sent.

Ca$h Flo w/Josh Ashcraft Defeated Omar Amir by Pinfall

This should be a fun match as the participants in the six man tag match are barred from ringside. Kinda curious what Ashcraft has up his sleeve for this match.

This started off fast with the pair exchanging blows and Amir using his speed to gain the upper hand early on, but Flo’s size and strength quickly paid dividends.

Amir hit some impressive power moves, but then he accidentally clotheslined the referee when Flo ducked and Amir hit Island Time, but no one was there to count.

Hy-Zaya slipped into the ring, but Amir threw him out, then fought off the rest of the LOB.

Flo took advantage and hit some power moves, and LOB came in and beat down Amir before Flo got the ref’s attention but Amir kicked out.

Flo then hit a splash off the top rope for the pin.

This was a fun show and we can’t wait to recap Tough Love. What did you all think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining OVW TV 1121 Recap and we’ll see you at Tough Love.

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