Ring Of Honor Results: EC3 Is Back For Jay Briscoe

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At Final Battle 2020, we were supposed to see a clash between two world champion level talents. EC3 had come to Ring of Honor to see if Honor was real, especially in the old guard, men like Jay Brisoce. He doubts this claim, and that was enough to set up a grudge match for their biggest show of the year. However, EC3 was unable to make that show, after failing the COVID-19 screening to get into the ROH bubble. That being said, he’s back, and there’s very little stopping him this time.

EC3 Always Has Something To Say

Following Flip Gordon helping Kenny King & Dragon Lee beat The Briscoes to become number one contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Championships, some familiar music would hit. EC3 would come out sporting a mask, before dropping it to get to business. As always, he has a microphone.

There is no honor in the almighty dollar, and while he doesn’t know Jay Briscoe, he knows that honor can be bought, therefore is not real. Is honor financial gain? Could it be online attention, likes and retweets? EC3 asks Jay Briscoe this, because he’s one of the few men he truly respects in this degrading industry.

Respect For Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe has never bent a knee to the greed of this business, and has always stuck to his guns, for better or for worse. Briscoe is a hard worker and harder fighting. He’s a family man, and his legacy in the ring transcends the Ring Of Honor name. EC3 envies Jay Briscoe, but where does his honor take him from here?

Does he look to grow his legacy and chase the ROH World Championship, or will he honor his emotions? His anger and wrath to EC3. Jay Briscoe is a free man, and he makes the choices here. He controls his narrative. There was no challenge set, but commentary implies that EC3 paid off Flip Gordon to attack The Briscoes, hence “Honor can be bought”.

Will EC3 & Jay Briscoe meet in the ring? Did EC3 hire Flip Gordon to attack The Briscoes? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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