Ring Of Honor Results: The Briscoes (Jay Brisoce & Mark Brisoce) vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King

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The Briscoes had a shot for the ROH World Tag Team Championships set for Final Battle, but Jay Briscoe was busy trying to get a match with EC3. This led to Mark Briscoe getting a new partner in PCO, and unsuccessfully facing Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham.

Tonight, The Briscoes team up once again to take on Dragon Lee and Kenny King in a number one contenders match. Winners will go on to face Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal next week for the ROH World Tag Team Championships, in a Pure Rules Tag Team Match. This could lead to Dragon Lee being a double champion, already the TV Champion.

The Briscoes Are Running Wild

Mark would get things started with King, getting the waist lock before King twisted into a leg lock and applying a headlock. King held on tight as Mark tried to break the hold, before letting go to hit two deep arm drags and apply an armbar. Mark finally got free and laid in some chops and boots, before getting the forearm shot.

Lee & Jay tagged in, Jay knocking Lee down with a shoulder tackle. Dragon Lee bounced right back up, drove Jay into the corner and didn’t allow for a clean break. Jay was hit with a running hurricanrana, he’d create space and tag Mark in. Mark slowed the pace down a bit getting chop in the corner, keen on a slugfest, but Lee pulled him to the corner to tag in King.

L.F.I would stomp Mark into the corner, and use the full five count before King hit a suplex and floated over into some mounted punches to the head. Mark would be locked in a chinlock, but broke free and Jay tagged in. The Briscoes would stomp King into the mat, and finally start to cut the ring in half.

King would go to the outside, but would still be driven into the barricade and body slammed by Jay, before he’d be hit with a Cactus Elbow off the apron from Mark. A suplex onto the apron continued the punishment to the back, before we went to a commercial break. Coming back, King was back in the ring and had to fight off the Cuthroat Driver, before having Royal Flush countered. Mark & King both hit the ropes, causing a lariat double down.

L.F.I Get Some Help

Lee & Jay got tags, and picked up right where they left off. Jay threw some heavy strikes including a big boot, but Lee came back just as hard before setting up a double underhook backbreaker. Lee would look for the running knee strike, but was caught with a death valley driver instead. Mark got a tag in, and would hit the Iconoclast off the top rope for a near fall. The Briscoes set up a double superplex, but King saved his partner and took Mark out of the ring.

Jay was hit with the rope hung double stomp, and Mark with a dive over the top rope. King hit a backdrop, and Lee a top rope double stomp for a near fall. Jay would be hit with a T-Bone suplex and locked in the leg lock, but Mark broke it up with the Froggy-Bow off the top rope. All four men were in the ring for a brawl, Drgaon Lee the only man left standing in the end. An Eddy Gordo kick into the ripcord knee stunned Jay, but when Lee tried to take Mark off the apron with a hurricanrana, he took a powerbomb instead.

Jay hit a neckbreaker in the ring, and Briscoes were ready to end this one. Amy Rose ran a distraction, as Flip Gordon of all people came in and kicked Mark in the head as he was up top. King rolled up Jay to end this one, and punch the ticket to a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championships next week.

Can L.F.I play by Pure Rules? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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