The reason Why The Good Brothers Took To So Long To Save The Young Bucks Revealed On BTE.

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Another Monday, and we get another episode of BTE. Every week, we now get a little bit of the Good Brothers comedy mixed into the weekly episode. This time around, it tied into where the Good Brothers were meant to help the Young Bucks after being attacked by the Inner Circle. If you didn’t watch last week’s Dynamite.

The Young Bucks had a great match against Inner Circle members Santana and Ortiz. After the match, they got attacked by the Inner Circle, adding more heat to the upcoming match between the Young Bucks and the Inner Circle’s Jericho and MJF at Revolution.

So, where were the Good Brothers?

Although I won’t go into too much detail of the reason why they were so slow to get to the ring. I’m going to try and say in their words. They were late to save them due to them having a quick cuss. What if you don’t know, it means masturbation.

If you’ve been following the Good Brothers for a while, you’ll know their crude humour; if not, I am sorry. With both of them running to the ring, they both went into different bathrooms for a quick cuss before saving them.

Long time storytelling at its peak

I wouldn’t go this far as to say this will work into the weekly episode of Dynamite. This does feel like this is leading to a feud between Kenny Omega, Good Brothers, Vs the Young Bucks. The fact that the Good Brothers are putting their comedic spin into what is quite a series storyline. That will most likely be told through a couple of more months of episodes.

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