WWE 205 Live Results: August Grey vs. Jake Atlas

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Last week on 205 Live, we were supposed to get August Grey vs. Jake Atlas in a one on one match. This was changed to a Triple Threat match with Ariya Daivari, who proceeded to cheat to beat the two newcomers. Now, we get a chance to see Grey & Atlas one on one, without Daivari in the mix. Will they be able to deliver an instant classic like they promised last week in this first time singles encounter?

The Feeling Out Process

Atlas would win the opening lock up, and be able to nearly take Grey down to the mat with a waist lock, before Grey got the side headlock. This feeling out process favoured Grey who always surprises with his technical skills. Atlas would manage to catch the arm, Grey rolled through and captured the arm for himself. They’d find themselves in the corner, and have a clean break.

Back in the middle of the ring, Atlas grabbed a headlock and moved to a cravate. Grey would have to fight his way free, and tried with a bodyslam, but Atlas had the hold on very tight. Atlas dodged a back suplex, and popped over Grey in the corner and got the backslide. They were at a stalemate, before Grey got a roll up. Atlas kicked out, kicked Grey and went for a moonsault but had to land on his feet. The feeling out process was done, and now they were going to fight.

Jake Atlas Shows His Big Match Experience

Fists started to fly from both men, and the technical wrestling was done. Atlas hit a low dropkick, kicked the back of Grey and nailed a big neckbreaker for a near fall. Some big chops landed hard on Grey, but he came back with a running hurricanrana before getting a one count. Grey launched a dropkick, and a huge running chop. Atlas tried to throw Grey across the ring, but was countered into a bulldog. Grey went for an overhand chop, Atlas dodged and hit one of his own, only to take a punch to the jaw.

It would come down to who makes the first mistake, and Atlas hit a big boot and elbow drop for a two count. Two big roundhouse kicks dropped Grey, before a PK into a standing moonsault, Grey kicking out at one. A German Suplex would have been followed by the Cartwheel DDT, but Grey slipped away only to take a huge lariat and kicked out at two.

Grey came back with a superkick before sending Atlas over the top rope with a lariat, before hitting the suicide dive through the middle ropes. Atlas was reeling, and Grey hit the rope walk crossbody for the pinfall win!

This match followed a very steady 205 Live formula, with a slow start slowly building up to fast paced action. It ended a bit sooner than expected, but was building into a great match. This won’t be their last match together. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

Is August Grey getting closer to a Cruiserweight Championship shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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