WWE 205 Live Results: BollyRise (Sumir Singh & Chase Parker) vs. Ashante Adonis & Mansoor

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BollyRise didn’t get off to the best start last week, when Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari beat Matt Martel & Sunil Singh in tag team action. However, this week Parker & Sumir will be the ones getting in the ring, with their opponents being Mansoor & Ashante Adonis. Mansoor has been unbeatable on 205 Live for some time, and Adonis is keen to move past his last match, which saw him mauled by Karrion Kross. Can BollyRise get the win this time, or is this faction doomed to fail?

BollyRise Rules!

Mansoor would start with Sumir, applying a headscissor before Sumir broke free. An armbar came next, Sumir broke free again and got the big arm drag. Sumir got moving, took a manhattan drop and a big dropkick, before tagging Parker in. Mansoor grabbed a wrist lock, and tagged Adonis in, who got tripped up. Parker wasted his advantage by taunting, and would be taken down by Adonis with ease.

Adonis got cocky as well, but he remained in control until a tag from Sumir and some underhanded tactics took him down. Sumir would slip to the outside, grab the leg to draw attention, before Parker attacked from behind. BollyRise took control of Adonis. They’d make quick tags in and out, hitting big moves like Sumir’s diving back elbow, but were unable to get the pinfall.

Mansoor & Adonis Show Their Chemistry

Adonis was close to making a tag after breaking free of a headlock, but Sumir was able to briefly prevent this. When Mansoor got in, he changed the complexion for this match with a flurry of lariats, atomic drops and dropkicks. Parker slipped back into the ring and saved Sumir from a bulldog attempt, before setting up BollyRise Blast, Adonis breaking up the pinfall.

They went for the EverRise finisher next, but Adonis saved Mansoor, who nailed Sumir with the falcon arrow. Parker saved Sumir from a double team from Adonis & Mansoor, before taking Mansoor to the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Adonis hit the Long Kiss Goodnight Superkick on Sumir for the win. Can BollyRise survive two big losses in a row? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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