WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor & Curt Stallion vs. Ever-Rise (Matt Martel & Chase Parker)

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After three losses in a row teaming with The Bollywood Boyz, Ever-Rise are going back to what works. Matt Martel & Chase Parker as a simple tag team, a tag team that’s nearly 20 years old. However, considering they are facing the undefeated Mansoor and Curt Stallion tonight, they still might not find themselves getting the winner’s share of the purse tonight. Stallion & Mansoor have never teamed in a traditional tag team match, but came out on top in last week’s eight man tag team match.

Mansoor & Curt Stallion Show Instant Chemistry

Stallion & Martel would start this one up, locking up but ending up in a stalemate. Martel called Stallion a cowboy, before shoving him to the ropes and allowing the clean break. Stallion got sick of the trash talking, and just nailed Martel with a big strike. Mansoor tagged in, only to be taken down with a drop toe-hold by Martel, who got Parker into the match.

Parker would get a headlock on Mansoor, but Mansoor tried to counter with a backdrop. He’d fail to get Parker over and down on the first two attempts, before dropping him tailbone first on his knee to finally break his grip. Mansoor got a side headlock, retreating to his corner to tag in Stallion. Stallion grabbed a headlock, but let go to hit the ropes to get speed for a big back elbow strike.

Mansoor got another tag, and would be attacked by both members of Ever-Rise. He’d simply hit both with Manhattan Drops, before hitting a double dropkick with Stallion. Bollywood Boyz would come to give Ever-Rise some advice, and hang out at ringside. Mansoor would get Parker in a headlock, but he broke out and got the blind tag to Martel. Martel would slip into the ring and nail Mansoor with a huge powerbomb.

Bollywood Boyz Just Distract Ever-Rise

Mansoor would be stomped into the corner, before Ever-Rise hit a double shoulder tackle and fist drop combo. Parker threw some measured right hands, before hitting the elbow drop on Mansoor. Ever-Rise kept Mansoor well isolated, and when he slipped free they went for their Poetry in Motion Elbow Drop and miss.

Stallion got a tag in, took out anyone in BollyRise before diving off the top rope and meeting two knees. He’d stay in this one by rolling up Martel, and while he only got two, he got a tag to Mansoor soon after. Ever-Rise would work together to drop Martel, even hitting their Bitter Taste finisher, before Stallion dashed in with a running headbutt to prevent a pin. Parker took him out with a big boot, Bollywood Boyz threw him a weapon but this just distracted him as Mansoor won with European Clutch.

Will we soon see Bollywood Boyz vs. Ever-Rise IV? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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