WWE 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny Releases New Music Video For LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE

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Last night on Monday Night RAW, Bad Bunny became the newest WWE 24/7 Champion, pinning many time champion Akira Tozawa. Provided he’s stayed clear of 24/7 Master R-Truth, he’s still champion now, and has a new music video out to celebrate!


LA NOCHE came out originally on Bad Bunny’s 2020 album, EL ULTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO, an album which has totaled over one billion listens on Spotify, with 223 million on this song. It follows his usual style of Latin Trap music, a genre Bunny is considered a trailblazer in. The beat is fine, and while I couldn’t understand any of the lyrics, Bunny has decent flow, and with the right beat it makes for decent listening. Guest star Rosalia provides some decent female vocals to compliment Bunny.

It’s not a song I’d be seeking out to listen to again, but it’s well produced and put together. While his music isn’t made for everyone, it’s clear why he’s become a massive star in Latin America and other regions of the world. I wouldn’t change the station if it came on the radio, but also can’t see myself actively seeking it out for another listen.

How Long Will Bad Bunny Stick Around In WWE?

While his music career is the big money maker for Bad Bunny, with his 48 million monthly Spotify listeners, he’s also pretty committed to WWE. Winning the 24/7 Championship doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but reports of Bad Bunny running drills in the WWE Performance Center ahead of a planned tag team match at Wrestlemania? He could be a frequent flier in WWE while he’s not touring for his music.

We’ve seen other musicians take on wrestling careers, with Butcher in AEW being an excellent example, as well as Chris Jericho himself. Even trap musician Lil Uzi Vert has reportedly been working in the Nightmare Factory with Cody Rhodes & QT Marshall. Bad Bunny has a clear passion for WWE, and is living out a childhood dream by being able to show up at events like Royal Rumble. He’s not our run of the mill celebrity cameo, and a strong performance at Wrestlemania could win over some of his detractors, while putting the spotlight on fellow Puerto Rican talent Damien Priest.

Potential Tag Team Champion?

WWE has gotten some outside coverage they’d normally not get by working alongside Bad Bunny, meaning they’d like go as long as they can with him. The entire Bad Bunny x WWE merch collection selling out in days doesn’t hurt either. As long as both sides keep seeing benefit, we will likely see Bad Bunny around in WWE. Could he win bigger titles than the 24/7 Championship? That’s at least slightly likely. The RAW Tag Team Championships aren’t at a high level, and Priest is as strong a partner as you can find.

Do you see Bad Bunny sticking around in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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