WWE News: Could We See Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns Team Up On SmackDown?

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Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have carried the WWE throughout much of their runs on the main roster, and still to this day, they remain two of the biggest stars in the company.

It’s hard to dispute that both of the stars will one day enter the Hall of Fame, and both are set to win countless more titles while they are in the WWE. However, with both superstars now heel, could we soon see them join forces to tackle a common foe, and could that night come this evening?

WWE News: Reigns and Rollins Join Forces

There is strong evidence to suggest that Reigns and Rollins formed two-thirds of one of the greatest factions in WWE history, which means that there is always a call for the two to work together on the same team again, and again. There may be no better time than the present to see Reigns and Rollins join forces, as they both are heels, and they may need help challenging a foe that is against them.

Rollins will make his grand return to SmackDown this evening, and could immediately come to the aide of his former Shield buddy should Kevin Owens have got back-up in his fight against the Universal Champion. There have been growing rumours over the past couple of weeks that Reigns is set to enlist the help of another superstar, and that could feasibly be Rollins unless the Friday Night Messiah has plans of his own.

WWE News: There Could Be A Long-Term Pay Off

As we have mentioned, Rollins and Reigns are two of the biggest stars in the company, which means that there may not be many bigger matches that can take place on one of the big four PPVs than the two going head-to-head. The two could form a team for short-term gain, before one of them eventually turns on the other to set up a blockbuster main event title fight.

There would certainly be interest in seeing a heel Reigns take on a face Rollins, as it is something that hasn’t been done in the WWE previously, and Rollins’ betrayal when the Shield first broke up could be his motivation behind the attack. That storyline would have the potential to tie in everything that has happened between the two superstars in the past, and could be something that we have never seen before.

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