WWE News: Lacey Evans Announces Pregnancy, But Who Will Challenge Asuka Next?

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There was a bombshell dropped on Raw last night, as Lacey Evans revealed that she was pregnant. Many fans immediately believed that it was a plot to invoke a reaction from Charlotte Flair, but it was later revealed that the announcement was 100% true.

The revelation means that Evans will now not be taking on Asuka at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV, which means that the door could be open for another superstar to step into the fold. But, who could that be?

WWE News: Rhea Ripley

There were two superstars born during the women’s Royal Rumble match. One was the eventual winner Bianca Belair, while the other was the woman that she eliminated last to win the match. Rhea Ripley has looked destined for big things ever since she stepped foot in the WWE, and it would be only fitting that she gets the women’s championship match that she deserves.

She was forced to miss out on having one of the biggest matches of her career last year at WrestleMania, as the location of the event changed, but she could be set to make up for that by walking into the biggest show of the year as the defending Raw Women’s champion.

WWE News: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is never far away from the main event at present, and quite rightly as she is the best thing happening on the red brand. It would make sense for Bliss to step up and challenge for the title once again, as she already has a win over Asuka, which was recorded fairly recently.

It is unlikely that she will get the win, as there has been limited storytelling before the match, but it almost looks certain that she will pick up the championship at some point in the near future. This could also lead to a heel turn for Asuka, which is a much-needed change that has to happen sometime soon.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair

We may as well face it, the most likely opponent to step up and face Asuka on short notice is her former tag team partner Charlotte Flair. The two stars have gone head to head on numerous occasions in the past, with Flair ending Asuka’s long winning run at WrestleMania a couple of years ago. The WWE don’t need a reason to stick Flair in a title match, but they certainly have a pretty good one for the PPV this weekend if they want Asuka to defend her title.

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