WWE News: Nia Jax STORMS Off The Set Of RAW Talk!

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Nia Jax walked off from the set of RAW Talk after the show’s co-hosts R-Truth and Charly Caruso made bizarre comments about her “hole.”

Nia Jax Walks Off The Set Of RAW Talk

This all started after Nia and Shayna Bazler walked on set after which they were offered a seat. Before Nia could sit down, R-Truth mentioned how Nia could “hole onto it” in relation to the injuries she had suffered. Charly made matters worse as she pinpointed a shop selling doughnuts “made down there.”

After the barrage of euphemisms, Nia responded with “nobody is laughing” as she was clearly annoyed. But Charly hit back with: “holey moley, that’s rude.” Nia sought to get things back on track, and she began to question the role of the hosts. She said: “Well that just goes to show you how valuable they (the titles) are, because of who holds them,” to which R-Truth mocked: “Hole or holds them?”

Having decided that this was the last straw, Nia ran off set. And yet this should come as no surprise. Nia has always gone through confrontation when it comes to the media. But this does not faze her as she is always looking to rile people up even if it may risk her becoming the victim of it.

During an interview with Talksport last year, she said: “I feel like every person or character who would say ‘oh, whatever they say doesn’t bother me’ are kind of lying. Because I am working for the approval of an audience, whether it be hating or loving, I want their reaction. She then expanded on how she felt whenever she came across fans who were negative towards her:

“So when you’re on Twitter, and you see it constantly, it can definitely get to you a little bit. It’s like ‘wow, all I’m seeing is negativity.’ But when I step back and I actually immerse myself into the WWE Universe – like when I get to see the crowd and fans – I know that’s just a small percentage on Twitter who have nothing better to do than hate on somebody.

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