WWE NXT Results: KUSHIDA vs. Austin Theory

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Earlier in the night, KUSHIDA decided to visit Gargano who was giving an injury update ahead of his match at Takeover. He claimed to have a broken arm that prevented him from walking, but Regal debunked every claim. KUSHIDA decked both Gargano & Theory, adding fuel to this planned singles meeting between Theory & KUSHIDA.

Picking Apart The Arm Of Austin Theory

KUSHIDA got started quickly with some kicks to the arms of Theory, before being distracted by Gargano, who can walk again! Theory threw KUSHIDA off the ropes and hit one of his impressive dropkicks. KUSHIDA showed his technical skills by throwing the bigger Theory to the mat before a dropkick.

Theory took a jumping armbreaker, and Gargano felt the pain at ringside as his protege had his arms bent back, and his shoulder stomped. KUSHIDA took some strikes from Theory, but had no issue taking Theory back to the mat to further attack the arm with yet another armbreaker.

Some kicks to the arm did even more damage, and Gargano was looking at his future for this Sunday. KUSHIDA seemed to have an answer for everything Theory had, before slipping during a springboard attempt and being sent off the apron with a forearm strike, as we went to a commercial break.

Gargano Kicks KUSHIDA, Forces The DQ

Coming back from the break, Theory was in control of KUSHIDA, nailing a backbreaker for a near fall. A big fallaway slam sent KUSHIDA across the ring, but taking time for a no look high five with Gargano and a lazy pinfall made sure this didn’t end the match.

KUSHIDA got the inverted atomic drop and springboard back elbow, before getting the flatliner in the corner. A roundhouse kick to the head of Theory got a near fall, before the arm would be attacked again. Theory took this one outside, where he wanted a powerbomb on the apron, instead being locked in an armbar.

Gargano hit a superkick, giving KUSHIDA the DQ win before stomping him down on the outside. Dexter Lumis made the save for KUSHIDA, as Gargano wanted to break the arm of his challenger. Theory was pulled under the ring, but Lumis came out.

Will KUSHIDA become NXT North American Champion this weekend? When will Lumis get his shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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