WWE NXT Results: Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde) [Dusty Classic Match]

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The last time Legado Del Fantasma met Lucha House Party in tag team action, they were caught off guard. They were busy hyping up their leader, the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, when Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado showed up and beat them in a last minute match. Now, in the quarter finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Joaquin Widle & Raul Mendoza are more ready than before.

Gran Metalik Shows Why He’s King Of The Ropes

Metalik started with Mendoza, and countered a snapmare by landing on his feet. Mendoza rolled through a hurricanrana, before falling to a dropkick. Dorado tagged in and hit a springboard hurricanrana, before taking a double spinebuster, having his legs snapped and being sandwiched with dropkicks. Mendoza would go for the back suplex, and Dorado slipped out and tagged Metalik back in.

A springboard crossbody took Mendoza out, but his fancy footwork led to him getting kicked in the head and sent to the outside. Wilde hit a suicide dive from the apron and through the ropes, sending Metalik into the barricade as we went to a commerical break.

Coming back from the break, Metalik fought off a superplex attempt for a super sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope. Dorado & Wilde both got tags, and Dorado hit a dropkick, and countered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. A top rope crossbody got a two count, before Wilde got the jawbreaker.

Legado Del Fantasma Sets The Finish Up In A Hurry

Wilde wanted the tag, but instead got the handspring cutter before Dorado let Metalik dive off his shoulders onto Wilde. Mendoza was able to give Wilde enough space to hit a double DDT, before Mendoza tagged in and Lucha House Party retook control. He’d be propped on the top rope, and hit with a rope walk hurricanrana from Metalik, before Dorado hit a moonsault off the top rope.

Dorado got a hurricanrana in the ring for a near fall, before Mendoza got the tag. Wilde deftly set up the Russian leg sweep, Mendoza nailed the kick and we have our first semi-finals match set. They would have lost this match on points, but they’re damn good at setting that finisher up, which is all that matters.

Legado Del Fantasma faces MSK next week! Who will move to the finals? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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