WWE NXT UK Results: Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown

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NXT UK Champion WALTER just passed 638 days as champion, and he could know his next challenger after this match. Rampage Brown has been undefeated since he came to NXT UK, and Joe Coffey has been on a roll since getting back to action. These two heavyweights have met many times before now, but tonight they meet on NXT UK.

They were the core of the Atlas Division in Progress Wrestling, which was built around ‘Big lads beating the p*ss out of each other’. Now Coffey is the measuring stick on this brand, but if anyone can break past him, it’s Rampage. This will not be a pretty technical wrestling match, it’ll more resemble a bar fight.

Joe Coffey Grounds Rampage Early

The bell would ring, and they’d lock up, showing they’re more or less equally matches in power. Coffey grabbed a rough headlock, Rampage breaking free and shoving Coffey off before absorbing the shoulder tackle. Rampage caught an early crossbody attempt from Coffey into a snap powerslam, the first big move of this one. Coffey took refuge in the corner, before Rampage rained down strikes.

Rampage had to withstand some hard punches from Coffey, but was up to the challenge. Coffey was whipped into the middle of the ring and hit with some crossface strikes, before just clubbing him across the neck. Rampage tried to set up that Doctor Bomb, but Coffey countered with a single leg and set up for the Boston Crab. It’s a simple move, but Coffey has tapped out the likes of Kurt Angle with it, and Brown knew to fight free fast.

Coffey hit a backbreaker, before some clubbing blows and a neck crank on Rampage. If he would be able to keep Rampage down, the power means nothing, and he’d apply a choke using Rampage’s own arm. Rampage broke free with some big strikes, before being dumped to the mat with a back suplex into an elbow drop.

Rampage was losing this one, and Coffey dropped him with a big diving shoulder tackle and a basement clothesline. Some clubbing blows to the neck and face would be followed with a crossarm choke. Rampage tried to fight free, taking a series of short arm lariats before Coffey was run over by one from Rampage as he set up the finisher, his spinning lariat.

Rampage Brown Is The Last Man Standing Tonight

They’d slug it out in the middle of the ring with forearms, before Rampage booted Coffey in the face twice before the backdrop driver for a near fall. Coffey blocked the doctor bomb, but was dropped with a diving shoulder tackle from the middle rope. Rampage hit a brainbuster, getting a near fall.

Rampage was thrown with a belly to belly suplex, and then a backdrop. Coffey lined up the Stinger Splash, hit the european uppercut and a German Suplex. Glasgow Sendoff rocked Rampage, who rolled to the outside. Coffey followed him out for another Glasgow Sendoff, but hit the steel steps instead of Rampage Brown, injuring his left arm.

Back in the ring, Coffey hit a springboard crossbody to try to end this fast, but couldn’t get a good pin with the hurt arm. Rampage just had to set up and nail the Doctor Bomb to close this one out, knocking off his old rival.

These two came into this match with all the chemistry and history needed to deliver a classic main event, and boy did they deliver on that. Just 10 minutes of hard hitting back and forth action from two of the toughest men on the roster. Match Rating: 3.5/5 (*** ½)

After the match, Coffey & Brown would shake hands after a well fought match. There was never any disrespect in this one, just pure sportsmanship as they kicked each other’s ass. Could Rampage Brown be next in line to challenge WALTER? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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