WWE Raw Results (2/1) – Alexa Bliss Defeated Nikki Cross by Pinfall

Bliss hit a new version of Sister Abigail for the win

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This match makes no sense to WWE Raw Results given Alexa Bliss’ championship match against Asuka last week ended in a DQ or No Contest, which means she should have another title shot but that would make sense.

Cross charged Bliss, but Bliss ducked her attack and Cross asked her what does she want from her.

Cross didn’t want any part of Bliss’ playful attitude and locked in a side headlock and powered her down to the mat, but Bliss countered with a leg scissors.

Cross got loose and slammed Bliss into a turnbuckle and hit several double handed strikes to Bliss’ midsection.

Cross then hit a crossbody off the rope for a near pinfall. Cross then shouted at her, demanding what she wants as she was done with Bliss.

She picked Bliss up by her hair and threw her into a corner and hit a shoulder and then a snap suplex for a pin attempt.

Close but not close enough

Bliss hit a jawbreaker and a couple of rights that dropped Cross. Bliss went for the pin attempt after a celebration, and after a pout she went for another pin attempt.

Bliss hit a dropkick and then stoop on Cross’ back. She then slammed Cross’ face into the mat twice, then literally hopscotched over to Cross to kick her in the ribs and went for a pin attempt.

Bliss then locked in a leg scissors that Cross fought out of but Bliss went for a Sister Abigail or Mandible Claw, but Cross slammed her and hit a bump on Bliss’ legs before stomping her down in the corner.

The referee forced Cross back, and Bliss’ old music played and when Cross turned around the old Alexa Bliss was in the corner.

Bliss circled Cross and invited her to play but Cross backed away. She tried to hit Cross, but Cross hit her with a kick and a clothesline, and followed it with a splash in the corner.

Bliss then changed again back into her playful attire and hit Cross with a shoulder block.

Bliss then hit a new version of Sister Abigail for the win.

This seemed like they were going for the emotional attachment Bliss and Cross had, but after them not interacting together in so long it felt flat. It was great to see Nikki Cross in action again, though.

Orton came out and he and Bliss passed each other on the ramp after a brief pause. Something tells WWE Raw Results that something is up.

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