WWE Raw Results (2/15) – 6 Man Tag Match – Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) and Riddle Defeated The Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander) by Pinfall; Bad Bunny Pinned Akira Tozawa for the 24/7 Championship

Riddle hit MVP with a Floating Bro for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Dorado started it off against Benjamin, and he took a kick to the midsection, the ate a shoulder block off the ropes.

Benjamin hit a stomp and some rights before tagging in Alexander.

Alexander hit a couple of blows to Dorado’s midsection and hit a suplex for a near pinfall.

Alexander hit with another right and a pin attempt, then locked in a wrist lock. Dorado got loose and hit missed a slingshot off the ropes, but Dorado then hit a dropkick and tagged in Metalik.

Metalik climbed into the top rope and then Dorado’s shoulder to hit Alexander with a crossbody.

Alexander hit a knee, then ate an elbow off the ropes.

Benjamin ran in and Metalik pulled the top rope down and Benjamin went to the floor.

Riddle went for a kick, but Benjamin caught his foot then flipped him so he did a face plant on the ring apron.

Benjamin then caught Dorado’s dive through the ropes and threw him into the barricade, and Alexander caught Metalik with a forearm when he tried to come through the ropes as we headed to commercial.

In the home stretch

Back from commercial, they were back in the ring with Alexander in control over Metalik with an abdominal stretch turned into a pin attempt.

Metalik kicked out, and Benjamin came in and sent Metalik flying with a vicious shoulder block off the ropes.

MVP came in for a pin attempt, then a second and a third before he went for an armbar and stomp, the Alexander came in.

Alexander hit a snapmare and help Metalik for Benjamin, who pounded on Metalik before it was MVP’s turn.

Benjamin then hit a snap suplex for a near pinfall and sent Metalik into a corner.

Metalik countered his first charge with a boot, then ducked out of the way of his second charge and Benjamin hit the turnbuckle face first.

Metalik somersaulted over to hit a tornado type of DDT to give himself a breather and tag in Riddle.

Riddle hit Alexander with a Pele kick and a pair of running forearms before hitting an exploder out of the corner.

A pair of running kicks followed, but Alexander hit with a kick and tagged in MVP. MVP nailed Riddle with a double shot to the throat and a couple of rights.

MVP apparently has an injured right knee, but he managed to hit an elbow off the ropes for a pin attempt the Lucha House Party broke up.

Lucha House Party held a stomp parry on MVP. Alexander hit Metalik with a Lumbar Check and Dorado hit Alexander with a superkick.

Benjamin hit Dorado with a big boot and went for a possible powerbomb, but Riddle hit him with a Final Flash.

Dorado hit Benjamin from the top rope to the floor with a crossbody while Riddle nailed MVP with a knee and a Floating Bro for the win.

As Riddle and Lucha House Party celebrated on the ramp, Bobby Lashley came out an nailed Riddle from behind, then threw Metalik down the ramp toward the ring, and press slammed Dorado onto Metalik.

Lashley turned his attention to Riddle and locked in the Hurt Lock and rag dolled him before he tossed Riddle aside.

This was a fun match overall, but the extra curriculars weren’t a surprise. WWE Raw Results wouldn’t mind seeing them avoid being attacked at some point.

Backstage, Miz thanked Adam Pearce for giving him the opportunity to be in the Elimination Chamber, and said he wants to give his spot to someone that’s deserving.

He then named John Morrison.

Pearce said he promises to take his idea into consideration, then looked thoughtful when the Miz left.

Big Bunny wins 24/7 Championship

Backstage, Mandy Rose was talking with bad Bunny about how she was rocking his shirt and asked for another one for her partner and wished him good luck.

Damien Priest came up and was asked how his time has been on Raw the last couple of weeks.

He promoted Bad Bunny being on Saturday Night Live, but they were then interrupted by Akira Tozawa pinning R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship.

Tozawa backed into Priest as he celebrated and Priest bounced him off the equipment cases and told Bad Bunny to pin him, which he did.

R-Truth yelled after Bad Bunny to take care of his baby.

Is WWE Raw Results the only ones that stopped caring about his championship? It feels like a Benny Hill sketch without the laugh track. Please, don’t add a laugh track.

Another KofiMania

The New Day came up to Pearce and gave him grief about considering the Miz’s offer and Kofi Kingston mentioned he’s the former champion.

Xavier Woods backed Kingston up on his claim, and Kingston said he wants the spot.

The Miz came up and asked what they’re talking about and said he and Pearce have a deal.

After a shouting match, Pearce told them that Miz and Kingston will face each other. If the Miz wins Morrison is in, and if Kingston wins he’ll be in.

Kingston sounded like Sami Zayn when he complained about having to earn his way back in but said that’s okay and Woods said it’ll be the start of KofiMania part 2.

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