WWE Raw Results (2/15) – Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jaz Defeated Lana w/Naomi by Submission

Baszler locked in the Coquina Clutch for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned and Baszler wasted no time with a go behind and take down, followed by twisting Lana’s arm. She then snapped Lana’s arm back.

Baszler then pinned her face down with a knee to the back of Lana’s head and pulled her legs up, then hit her with a kick and elbowed Lana’s shoulder.

Lana slapped Baszler, and Baszler responded with a nasty clothesline for a near pinfall.

Baszler then locked on a neck hold while Lana worked to get to her feet.

Baszler went for a suplex and Lana reversed it into a small package for a near pin.

Baszler then blocked a series of kick attempts, and whipped Lana’s leg back to plant her into the mat.

Lana then dodged a running knee into the corner and tried to roll Baszler up, but Baszler didn’t let go of the rope.

Lana then tripped her into the middle turnbuckle and hit with a head scissors kick and went for a bulldog, but Baszler overpowered her and threw her into a corner and put her on the tope rope.

Lana fought out of the hold and knocked Baszler to the mat and hit a crossbody for a near pinfall.

Lana ducked a clothesline and they exchanged kicks to the head, dropping both of them.

Outside the ring, Jax went after Naomi and threw her into the ring apron and barricade, but Naomi slipped off her shoulders and sent Jax into the ring post. Then hit a dropkick to send her into it again.

Baszler grabbed Naomi from behind from in the ring and Lana took advantage and rolled her up for a pin attempt.

Baszler then hit Lana with a knee for a pin attempt, then locked in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

This was a fun match and it was nice to see Lana put up a good fight after selling her tail off the last few months.

Strowman wants his chance

Braun Strowman approached Pearce backstage and demanded to know why he’s not in the Elimination Chamber.

Pearce said it’s not up to him and Strowman pointed out Shane McMahon said he’s running it, and Pearce said he’s not a former WWE champion.

Strowman told him to tell Shane that he needs to make this right and if he doesn’t it’s not going to be pretty around there.

WWE Raw Results are curious if Strowman will get his shot. What do you all think? And will Lana beat Baszler clean soon?

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