WWE Raw Results (2/22) – Braun Strowman Forces a Match Against Bobby Lashley

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The time for Miz’s answer is at hand, and WWE Raw Results is all set to see what sneaky thing the Miz is up to.

Adam Pearce was in the ring and introduced Bobby Lashley to receive his answer.

He then introduced the Miz, who came out in a suit with no intention of giving Lashley his match with Morrison following him.

Lashley looked like he was ready to snap.

Pearce asked Miz for his answer, and the Miz said his decision is that he needs more time.

Lashley told him to stop stalling and that he’s wasting his time, and his time is money.

Miz said he’s worried about the prestige of the title, and MVP cut him off that he doesn’t have a deal with other WWE superstars.

Wheeling and dealing

Miz said all he can say is he needs more time. He then said he understands that Lashley wants the WWE Championship, but he wants to be at his best and that’s what the title deserves.

Morrison said he needs a week, and Miz asked Pearce if he can pencil it in.

Braun Strowman came out to weigh in, and it looks like he and Lashley will be facing off for the title shot in our best guess.

Strowman said that if anyone gets a WWE Championship match it’s him, and he told Pearce he can do whatever he wants since Pearce and Shane McMahon tried to shaft him.

He then said he’s far more qualified than Bobby Lashley, and Miz tried to stir the pot about Lashley not taking that.

Shane McMahon then came out. He said to let cooler heads prevail and told Pearce to tighten things up a little bit. He then told Strowman he can’t just demand a match.

 He then insulted Strowman’s championship because the Elimination Chamber was for former WWE Champions and he’s a former Universal Champion.

Strowman went off saying everything sucks and demanded a match against Lashley. Shane and Pearce said they want to see it, and Strowman and Lashley will face off.

If Strowman wins, he’ll face Lashley and Miz in a triple threat match next week for the WWE Championship.

So there’s another stipulation to possibly cost Lashley his shot. WWE Raw Results is not impressed with another so soon after Sheamus was shafted.

After Shane and Pearce left, Lashley hit Strowman with a chop block to soften Strowman up.

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