WWE Raw Results (2/22) – Damian Priest w/Bad Bunny Defeated Angel Garza by Pinfall; Randy Orton’s Distracted

Priest landed a Hit the Lights for the win

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WWE Raw Results tuned in as Garza tried to jump Priest, but Priest caught him with a clothesline for a quick pin attempt.

Priest nailed him with a right and backed Garza into a corner where he beat him down with a series of rights.

Priest sent Garza off the ropes and hit a leaping reverse elbow for a near pinfall, and then kicked Garza before Garza pulled him down and Priest hit the turnbuckle face first.

Garza then hit a clothesline and a second clothesline to drop Priest. Garza took his pants off and threw them on Bad Bunny and hammered on Priest while jawing with Bad Bunny.

Garza hit a basement dropkick and a running knee in the corner before he talked more trash toward bad Bunny.

Garza locked in an armbar and transitioned into a camel clutch, and stomped Priest when he nearly powered out and locked in another camel clutch but with a neck twist instead.

Priest powered out of the hold and to his feet and Garza hit him with a forearm in the back but it only pissed Priest off.

Too much ego

Priest met Garza’s next right with his own, fist to fist, then caught Garza’s kick attempt and punched his shin.

Priest then dropped Garza with a kick and a right hand, before hitting a bell clap and another kick before finishing Garza with a spinning reverse elbow and broken arrow for a near pinfall.

Garza tried to pull himself out of the ring, but Priest caught him and tried to pull him in.

Garza hit with a right, a kick, and then he went for a wing clipper, but he settled for a clothesline to send Priest to the floor instead.

Garza tried to entice Bad Bunny into the ring and the referee bothered with that exchange instead of counting Priest out. Like all good matches, what do rules matter?

Priest caught Garza with a kick in the ropes, and then hit a spinning kick off the top ropes and followed it with Hit the Lights for the win.

Akira Tozawa and others ran to the ring to get Bad Bunny. Priest took out the first two, while Bad Bunny guided Drew Gulak over the top rope.

Randy Orton’s cursed

After a recap of Randy Orton’s run in with Alexa Bliss during the gauntlet match last week, Orton was backstage and said failure is a word he’s not familiar with.

But recently, he’s been surrounded with it. He said had he won the gauntlet match last week he would’ve had the advantage in the Elimination Chamber and instead he was the first one in.

He said every time there’s a distraction he eliminates the distraction. The last time it was the Fiend and he set him on fire.

He said the Fiend is not coming back, but Orton finds himself in limbo and asked why he can’t focus on the WWE title. He coughed, then said he’s still distracted by Alexa Bliss.

After a brief glimpse of Alexa Bliss doing a ceremony, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and stumbled out. This takes WWE Raw Results back to some old school Undertaker bits.

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