WWE Raw Results (2/22) – Naomi and Lana Defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke by Pinfall; AJ Styles w/Omos Defeated Ricochet by Pinfall

Naomi and Lana hit a double face pant on Rose for the win; Styles hit the Styles Clash for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Brooke started it off against Naomi and the pair locked up, with Brooke backing Naomi up, but Naomi reversed it and backed Brooke into their corner.

Lana hit a leg scissors kick and a bulldog for a pin attempt.

Brooke landed a right and tagged in Rose. Brooke hit a body slam and Rose hit a running knee for a pin attempt.

Rose shoved Lana into their corner and hit several kicks before tagging in Brooke, who hit a somersault back elbow, then threw Lana to Rose.

Lana managed to get out of Rose’s slam attempt but she tagged in Naomi.

Lana took out Brooke and she and Naomi hit a double face plant on Rose for the win.

AJ Styles w/Omos vs. Ricochet

Ricochet caught Styles with a dropkick and followed it with a knee that sent Styles to the floor.

Ricochet waited for him to reenter the ring and when Styles slid in, Ricochet hit a scoop slam and an elbow drop for a pin attempt.

Styles slipped out of a suplex attempt, and dropped Ricochet with a kick to Ricochet’s knee and followed it with a snap suplex into the turnbuckle.

Styles locked in a reverse chin lock, but Ricochet fought out of it but ate a dropkick off the ropes.

Styles landed a couple of kicks, but Ricochet caught his third attempt then backed Styles across the ring with a series of rights.

Styles caught him with a jab to the throat, then hung Ricochet onto the top rope to use it as a slingshot, but Ricochet held on and hit a leg scissors for a near pinfall.

Ricochet hit a kick and reverse suplex with a bridge for a pin attempt.

Ricochet headed to the top ropes, but rolled through the 630 when Styles rolled toward the corner.

He then went for the Recoil, but Styles hit a knee and followed it with the Styles Clash for the win.

After the match, Omos picked Ricochet up with ease, held him aloft, then slammed him to the mat.

It was yet another impressive display of his power, and WWE Raw Results can’t wait to see him in action in the ring.

Though we have to admit he’s perfect in the role he’s in. This is one we’re definitely torn on. What do you think? Will Omos be everything he’s being hyped up to be? Let us know in the comments below.

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