WWE Raw Results (2/22) – Riddle Defeated John Morrison by Pinfall

Riddle hit a Bro Derek for the win

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WWE Raw Results are excited about this match as it should be a great match with their athletic styles.

Riddle started by going behind Morrison and taking him down and tried to roll into an armbar, but Morrison countered by rolling him into a pin attempt.

Riddle went behind again and ate a reverse elbow. Morrison then hit with a kick and came off the ropes with a dropkick.

Morrison missed a moonsault and Riddle locked in an armbar but Morrison reached the ropes to break the hold.

Morrison dodged a series of strikes and hit a forearm, then Riddle blocked a series of kicks to hit a leg takedown.

Morrison dodged a kick while he was down and caught Riddle with a spin kick.

Riddle hit a gut wrench suplex for a near pinfall.

They exchanged rights in the ring before Morrison hit a kick, and had his next one caught. Morrison stuck a thumb in Riddle’s eye and locked in a dragon sleeper and rolled Riddle onto the apron.

Morrison the hit a kick to send Riddle to the floor, and followed it with a corkscrew over the ropes but injured his right knee when he hit the floor.

Morrison pushed Riddle into the ring and charged Riddle, but Riddle caught him in a leg scissors and took Morrison over the top ropes to the floor where Morrison landed a kick.

They exchanged blows on the apron until Riddle hit a fisherman suplex on said apron as we headed to commercial.

Morrison nearly pulled it off

Back from commercial, the countdown clock for the Miz’ decision continued as Morrison and Riddle were back in the ring with Riddle in control.

Morrison countered a Broton by getting his knees up, then hit a Alabama slam for a near pinfall.

Morrison then locked in a reverse chin lock, using Riddle’s arm, but Riddle tried to fight out of it.

Morrison backed him into a corner where he landed several strikes and shoulders before being backed off by the official.

When he went back, Riddle blocked his strikes and forced his way out of the corner and hit a Pele kick and a couple of running forearms in the corner.

Riddle hit an exploder, but Morrison dodged his running kick and then rolled out of the ring to avoid the standing moonsault.

Riddle jumped over the ropes onto the apron and hit a kick and a Floating Bro on the floor and threw Morrison into the ring to hit a German Suplex for a near pinfall.

Morrison drove Riddle into a corner and hit a couple of shoulders, but Riddle fought out of it and headed to the top rope.

Morrison caught him and hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Morrison went for a Moonlight Drive, but Riddle countered with a Bro to Sleep. Morrison hit a superkick to send Riddle to the apron.

Riddle hit a shoulder through the ropes and tried a sunset flip, but Morrison rolled through and hit a running knee.

Morrison then went for Starship Pain, but Riddle caught him on the ropes and hit a Bro Derek for the win.

A commercial spot promoted Rhea Ripley coming to Raw soon. WWE Raw Results can’t wait to see her turn the women’s division on its ear.

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