WWE Raw Results (2/22) – Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax Defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka by Pinfall

Jax hit a leg drop on Asuka for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Asuka and Baszler started it off with a lockup and a couple of wrist locks and reversals before Baszler hit a kick.

Asuka caught her next kick and locked in an octopus and transitioned into a stretch muffler, and then to the mat in an armbar before tagging in Flair.

Flair continued to work on Baszler left arm, but Baszler pulled free and tagged in Jax.

Jax and Flair locked up and Flair locked in a side headlock, but Jax hit a couple of strikes to break the hold, then Flair fired back with a series of forearms and chops.

Baszler came in and Flair caught her with a kick to the midsection, the hit a fallaway slam that sent Baszler rolling out of the ring.

Flair’s frustration

Flair then hit Jax with a dropkick to send her to the floor. Asuka then knocked Baszler off the apron with a hip attack as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and Jax was in control and drove Asuka into their corner.

Baszler stomped Asuka down and snapmared her and hit a knee to her back, followed by Baszler manipulating Asuka’s left wrist.

Jax tagged in and Baszler stomped on Asuka’s folded left arm, and Jax wrapped her injured arm around the ropes.

Baszler came in and nailed Asuka with a right and then put her knee to Asuka’s shoulder and twisted her arm, but Asuka avoided the stomp and rolled Baszler up for a pin attempt.

Asuka then hit her with a kick and tagged in Flair, who threw Baszler into her corner and kicked away at Baszler, then drove her into another turnbuckle.

Baszler sidestepped her charge and Flair hit the turnbuckle. Baszler kicked at her hamstrings a few times before dragging her to her corner.

Jax came in and hit some elbows before they attempted a double suplex but Flair landed on her feet.

Flair then hit Baszler with a clothesline and chopped Jax.

Jax threw her into the corner but Flair flipped over the ropes and hit Jax with a shoulder through the ropes and dropped Baszler with a big boot on the apron.

Flair hit Jax with a boot, and another to Jax’s right leg. Jax caught Flair in mid leap and hit a power bomb for a near pin.

Jax then locked in a reverse chin lock, but Flair hit a jawbreaker. Jax dropped her with a clothesline and Baszler came in and went to work on Flair’s left arm in a chicken wing.

Can’t focus

Flair rolled her over for a pin attempt, but Baszler kicked out and tagged in Jax.

Jax whipped Flair into their corner where Flair knocked Baszler off the apron with an elbow and ran into Jax and sunset bombed Jax into the corner.

Baszler tagged in and knocked Asuka off the apron, but Flair took advantage of it to lock in a figure 4 that Jax broke up with a leg drop.

Asuka tagged in and hit a missile dropkick.

Jax tagged in and Asuka hit her with a kick, then ran back and forth to hit hip attacks on each of them in opposite corners before sidestepping Jax’s charge so Jax hit Baszler with a splash

Asuka then hit Jax with a double knee and a running knee for a near pinfall. Asuka then locked in an armbar and Baszler broke the hold with a kick.

Asuka tried to lock in the Asuka Lock, but Baszler got loose and Flair hit Asuka with a big boot. Flair then threw Baszler to the floor and followed after her.

Jax hit Asuka with a running leg drop for the pin.

After the match, Asuka looked like she was reluctant to trust Flair, and Flair left her in the ring. Could we be witnessing them breaking up? Let WWE Raw Results know in the comments below.

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