WWE Raw Results (2/22) – The Miz’s Victory Deal

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

This looks like we’re going to have a fun show with new champions and hopefully new storylines, so let’s buckle in and get ready for the ride.

After a recap of the Miz cashing in his MITB contract and defeating Drew McIntyre at the Elimination Chamber yesterday, John Morrison was in the ring and introduced the Miz as WWE Champion.

Looks like the champion opening the show is staying the routine.

Miz introduced Miz TV Championship Edition and asked how we like him now.

He said 16 years ago when he started every fan and superstar said he’d be fired in three months and now he’s the WWE Champion.

He added that all the top superstars of his generation have come and gone; he’s taken them all out.

He listed Batista, Big Show, Edge, and Bobby Lashley and said they don’t measure up to his longevity and skill.

He then called out Edge and said he called his shot and wasn’t sneaking. Miz told McIntyre he’d cash in his MITB contract to beat him and said no one knew what was coming.

Well, most did but that’s not in the storyline.

The Miz’s dealing come back to bite him

He mentioned how he’s the multiple grand slam champion on Raw, and that he deserves the title.

He’s not wrong. We love him, we’re just not sure how this is going to continue.

And came out with MVP. Looks like Miz may have a problem after saying he outlasted Lashley when Lashley put him in position to defeat McIntyre.

In the ring, MVP told Miz that on behalf of the Hurt Business he wanted to congratulate him, then mentioned his list of accomplishments.

He pointed out how he omitted how Lashley destroyed McIntyre to allow him to win.

Miz said he was getting there and thanked them.

Then said he and Morrison have more celebrating to do and tried to leave, but MVP stopped him and said they should disclose their deal to the WWE universe.

MVP mentioned how Morrison cost Lashley the United States Championship, and Miz now owes him a shot at the WWE Championship.

Lashley added Miz owes him a debt and they’re there to collect.

Miz said he did promise them a championship match but he didn’t say when. He listed a bunch of things he has to do that takes his time and said there was no time.

MVP called him out by saying Lashley’s name for not measuring up to the Miz.

Miz tried to backtrack but Lashley told him he has one hour to give him what he wants, or he’ll be in a new reality show “How Lashley sent me to the Emergency Room.”

He promised to make it painful, merciless, and AWESOME!

Backstage, Riddle came up to Lucha House Party and Lince Dorado congratulated him and he thanked them for having his back.

Riddle started talking about being stuck in the War Zone and went on a rundown of his gaming night.

They reminded him on his United States Championship win, and Riddle said he’ll renamed the title Travis then headed off on a scooter to make his match with John Morrison.

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